Business Activities; Assets Sample Clauses

Business Activities; Assets. Since its incorporation, Peridot has not conducted any business activities other than activities (a) in connection with or incident or related to its incorporation or continuing corporate (or similar) existence, (b) directed toward the accomplishment of a business combination, including those incident or related to or incurred in connection with the negotiation, preparation or execution of this Agreement or any Ancillary Documents, the performance of its covenants or agreements in this Agreement or any Ancillary Document or the consummation of the transactions contemplated hereby or thereby or (c) those that are administrative, ministerial or otherwise immaterial in nature. Except as set forth in Peridot’s Governing Documents, there is no Contract binding upon Peridot or to which Peridot is a party which has or would reasonably be expected to have the effect of prohibiting or materially impairing any business practice of it or its Subsidiaries, any acquisition of property by it or its Subsidiaries or the conduct of business by it or its Subsidiaries (including, in each case, following the Closing). Peridot does not own any real property. Peridot does not own any material property or assets, other than its interest in the Trust Account. All property and assets owned by Peridot is owned free and clear of any Lien.