Budget Phone Sample Clauses

Budget Phone may reserve facilities for up to four (4) business days for each facility requested through LMU from the time the LMU information is returned to Budget Phone. During and prior to Budget Phone placing an LSR, the reserved facilities are rendered unavailable to other customers, including BellSouth. If Budget Phone does not submit an LSR for a UNE service on a reserved facility within the four (4)-day reservation timeframe, the reservation of that spare facility will become invalid and the facility will be released.

Related to Budget Phone

  • Budget The Budget is a schedule of anticipated grant expenditures that is approved by Grantor for carrying out the purposes of the Award. When Grantee or third parties support a portion of expenses associated with the Award, the Budget includes the non-federal as well as the federal share (and State share if applicable) of grant expenses. The Budget submitted by Grantee at application, or a revised Budget subsequently submitted and approved by Grantor, is considered final and is incorporated herein by reference.