BROKERAGE. Except for the Commissions Payable by Landlord to Endeavor Real Estate Group (“Landlord’s Broker Sample Clauses

BROKERAGE. Except for the commissions payable by Landlord to Endeavor Real Estate Group (“Landlord’s Broker and to Brey & Associates (“Tenant’s Broker”) which commissions are Landlord’s responsibility pursuant to separate agreements between Landlord and Landlord’s Broker and between Landlord and Tenant’s Broker, Landlord and Tenant hereby represent and warrant to each other that no other commission is due and payable to any other broker or other leasing agent in connection with this Lease as a result of its own dealings with any other broker or leasing agent, and Landlord and Tenant hereby agree to indemnify and hold each other harmless from and against all loss, damage, cost and expense (including reasonable attorney’s fees) suffered by the other party as a result of a breach of the foregoing representation and warranty.