Broker-Dealer Affiliation Sample Clauses

Broker-Dealer Affiliation. Except for (i) US Tiger Securities, Inc., a Subsidiary of the Company and a FINRA member, (ii) IB Global Investment LLC, a shareholder of the Company and (iii) David Eric Friedland, a director of the Company appointed by IB Global Investment LLC, there are no affiliations or associations between (i) any member of FINRA, and (ii) the Company or any of its Subsidiaries and Affiliated Entities or any of their respective officers, directors or 5% or greater security holders or any beneficial owner of the Company’s unregistered equity securities that were acquired at any time on or after the 180th day immediately preceding the date that the Registration Statement was initially filed with the Commission. The transactions contemplated by this Agreement do not and will not cause the affiliation or association between any of US Tiger Securities, Inc., IB Global Investment LLC or David Eric Friedland and the Company to violate, breach, contravene or otherwise conflict with any FINRA rules and regulations.