Borrower or any Subsidiary Sample Clauses

Borrower or any Subsidiary of Borrower shall (i) file a petition seeking relief under title 11 of the United States Code, as now constituted or hereafter amended, or any other applicable federal, state or foreign bankruptcy or other similar law, (ii) consent to the institution of proceedings thereunder or to the filing of any such petition or to the appointment of or taking possession by a custodian, receiver, liquidator, assignee, trustee or sequestrator (or similar official) of Borrower or any Subsidiary of Borrower or of any substantial part of its or their properties, (iii) fail generally to pay its debts as such debts become due, or (iv) take any corporate action in furtherance of any such action.
Borrower or any Subsidiary. (A) fails to make any payment when due (whether by scheduled maturity, required prepayment, acceleration, demand, or otherwise) in respect of any Indebtedness or Guarantee (other than Indebtedness hereunder and Indebtedness under Swap Contracts) having an aggregate principal amount (including undrawn committed or available amounts and including amounts owing to all creditors under any * Indicates that certain information contained herein has been omitted and filed separately with the Securities and Exchange Commission. Confidential treatment has been requested with respect to the omitted portions. combined or syndicated credit arrangement) of more than the Threshold Amount for any such individual agreement or [***] for any combination of such agreements, or (B) fails to observe or perform any other agreement or condition relating to any such Indebtedness or Guarantee or contained in any instrument or agreement evidencing, securing or relating thereto, or any other event occurs, the effect of which default or other event is to cause, or to permit the holder or holders of such Indebtedness or the beneficiary or beneficiaries of such Guarantee (or a trustee or agent on behalf of such holder or holders or beneficiary or beneficiaries) to cause, with the giving of notice if required, such Indebtedness to be demanded or to become due or to be repurchased, prepaid, defeased or redeemed (automatically or otherwise), or an offer to repurchase, prepay, defease or redeem such Indebtedness to be made, prior to its stated maturity, or such Guarantee to become payable or cash collateral in respect thereof to be demanded; or (ii) there occurs under any Swap Contract an Early Termination Date (as defined in such Swap Contract) resulting from (A) any event of default under such Swap Contract as to which Borrower or any Subsidiary is the Defaulting Party (as defined in such Swap Contract) or (B) any Termination Event (as so defined) under such Swap Contract as to which Borrower or any Subsidiary is an Affected Party (as so defined) and, in either event, the Swap Termination Value owed by Borrower or such Subsidiary as a result thereof is greater than the Threshold Amount for any such individual agreement or [***] for any combination of such agreements; or

Related to Borrower or any Subsidiary

  • Condition of Borrower or Guarantor The insolvency, bankruptcy, arrangement, adjustment, composition, liquidation, disability, dissolution or lack of power of Borrower, Guarantor or any other party at any time liable for the payment of all or part of the Guaranteed Obligations; or any dissolution of Borrower or Guarantor, or any sale, lease or transfer of any or all of the assets of Borrower or Guarantor, or any changes in the shareholders, partners or members of Borrower or Guarantor; or any reorganization of Borrower or Guarantor.

  • Material Subsidiary Prompt notice of any Person becoming a Material Subsidiary;

  • Subsidiary For purposes of this Agreement, “subsidiary” means any corporation of which more than 50% of the outstanding voting securities is owned directly or indirectly by the Company, by the Company and one or more other subsidiaries, or by one or more other subsidiaries.

  • Subsidiaries All of the direct and indirect subsidiaries of the Company are set forth on Schedule 3.1(a). The Company owns, directly or indirectly, all of the capital stock or other equity interests of each Subsidiary free and clear of any Liens, and all of the issued and outstanding shares of capital stock of each Subsidiary are validly issued and are fully paid, non-assessable and free of preemptive and similar rights to subscribe for or purchase securities. If the Company has no subsidiaries, all other references to the Subsidiaries or any of them in the Transaction Documents shall be disregarded.

  • any Subsidiary of an Unrestricted Subsidiary The Issuer may designate any Subsidiary of the Issuer (including any existing Subsidiary and any newly acquired or newly formed Subsidiary) to be an Unrestricted Subsidiary unless such Subsidiary or any of its Subsidiaries owns any Equity Interests or Indebtedness of, or owns or holds any Lien on, any property of, the Issuer or any Subsidiary of the Issuer (other than solely any Subsidiary of the Subsidiary to be so designated); provided that

  • No Assignments to the Borrower or Affiliates Anything in this Section to the contrary notwithstanding, no Lender may assign or participate any interest in any Loan or LC Exposure held by it hereunder to the Borrower or any of its Affiliates or Subsidiaries without the prior consent of each Lender.

  • Material Subsidiaries Each of the Borrower's Material Subsidiaries is a corporation duly incorporated, validly existing and in good standing under the laws of its jurisdiction of incorporation, and has all corporate powers and all material governmental licenses, authorizations, consents and approvals required to carry on its business as now conducted.

  • Borrower The term “Borrower” as used herein shall include any new or successor corporation, association, partnership (general or limited), limited liability company, joint venture, trust or other individual or organization formed as a result of any merger, reorganization, sale, transfer, devise, gift or bequest of Borrower or any interest in Borrower.

  • Borrower Bankruptcy To the Mortgage Loan Seller's knowledge, no Borrower under a Mortgage Loan is a debtor in any state or federal bankruptcy, insolvency or similar proceeding. To the Mortgage Loan Seller's knowledge, as of the origination of the Mortgage Loan, none of (x) the nonrecourse carveout guarantors or nonrecourse carveout indemnitors under the Mortgage Loan, (y) any tenant with respect to more than 75% of the net rentable area at the related Mortgaged Property that is an Affiliate of the Borrower or (z) the sole tenant at the Mortgaged Property (in the case of this clause (z), if substantially all of the Mortgaged Property is leased to a single tenant and the tenant was the owner of the Mortgaged Property immediately prior to the origination of the Mortgage Loan) was a debtor in any state or federal bankruptcy, insolvency or similar proceeding.

  • Knowledge of the Company As used in this Agreement, knowledge of the Company shall mean to the best of any officer's knowledge, after a reasonable investigation.