Bill Rate Sample Clauses

Bill Rate for the period from the first day of the Quarter until the date due for the payment, at the Bill Rate; and
Bill Rate. The unit of compensation paid to the Contractor, consisting of the Pay Rate and the Mark-Up Rate. The Bill Rate is expressed as a range between Entry (low) and Experienced (high). “Bill Rate, Entry” and “Bill Rate, Experienced” is determined by applying the Mark-Up Rate to the “Pay Rate, Entry” and “Pay Rate, Experienced,” respectively.
Bill Rate. The “Bill Rate” shall be the aggregate amount charged by Staffing Company to Ensemble for work performed by Temporary Workers. Such Bill Rate shall be the sum of the Pay Rate plus the Mark-Up Rate.

Related to Bill Rate

Calculation of Reference Bank Rate (a) Subject to paragraph (b) below, if LIBOR is to be determined on the basis of a Reference Bank Rate but a Reference Bank does not supply a quotation by the Specified Time, the Reference Bank Rate shall be calculated on the basis of the quotations of the remaining Reference Banks.
Daily Rate For any day, a rate equal to (i)(A) the Overnight Bank Funding Rate for such day, minus (B) the Spread, divided by (ii) 360. Overnight Bank Funding Rate: For any day, the rate set forth for such day opposite the caption “Overnight Bank Funding Rate”, as such rate is displayed on the page “OBFR01 <Index> <GO>” on the BLOOMBERG Professional Service, or any successor page; provided that, if no rate appears on any day on such page, the rate for the immediately preceding day for which a rate does so appear shall be used for such day. Spread: [●]10 basis points.
Interest Rates; LIBOR Notification The interest rate on Eurodollar Loans is determined by reference to the LIBO Rate, which is derived from the London interbank offered rate. The London interbank offered rate is intended to represent the rate at which contributing banks may obtain short-term borrowings from each other in the London interbank market. In July 2017, the U.K. Financial Conduct Authority announced that, after the end of 2021, it would no longer persuade or compel contributing banks to make rate submissions to the ICE Benchmark Administration (together with any successor to the ICE Benchmark Administrator, the “IBA”) for purposes of the IBA setting the London interbank offered rate. As a result, it is possible that commencing in 2022, the London interbank offered rate may no longer be available or may no longer be deemed an appropriate reference rate upon which to determine the interest rate on Eurodollar Loans. In light of this eventuality, public and private sector industry initiatives are currently underway to identify new or alternative reference rates to be used in place of the London interbank offered rate. Upon the occurrence of a Benchmark Transition Event or an Early Opt-In Election, Section 2.14(c) provides a mechanism for determining an alternative rate of interest. The Administrative Agent will promptly notify the Borrower, pursuant to Section 2.14(e), of any change to the reference rate upon which the interest rate on Eurodollar Loans is based. However, the Administrative Agent does not warrant or accept any responsibility for, and shall not have any liability with respect to, the administration, submission or any other matter related to the London interbank offered rate or other rates in the definition of “LIBO Rate” or with respect to any alternative or successor rate thereto, or replacement rate thereof (including, without limitation, (i) any such alternative, successor or replacement rate implemented pursuant to Section 2.14(c), whether upon the occurrence of a Benchmark Transition Event or an Early Opt-in Election, and (ii) the implementation of any Benchmark Replacement Conforming Changes pursuant to Section 2.14(d)), including without limitation, whether the composition or characteristics of any such alternative, successor or replacement reference rate will be similar to, or produce the same value or economic equivalence of, the LIBO Rate or have the same volume or liquidity as did the London interbank offered rate prior to its discontinuance or unavailability.
Pay Rate Annual leave pay shall be paid at the nurse’s regular rate of pay.
E-RATE Authorized users who receive E-rate funding are encouraged to review Universal Service Fund rules and regulations to verify the applicability of this Contract to the E-rate program. New York State reserves the right to:
Index Rate The index will serve only as a device for setting the rate on this note. You do not guarantee by selecting this index, or the margin, that the rate on this note will be the same rate you charge on any other loans or class of loans to me or other borrowers.
Reference Bank Rate If no Screen Rate is available for LIBOR for:
Accrual Rate Permanent full-time employees shall be granted vacation leaves with pay at their regular rate as follows: Less than 1 year 3.1 hours 80 hours upon completion of one year of service 1 year or more 3.1 hours 80 hours 5 years or more 4.6 hours 120 hours 10 years or more 6.2 hours 160 hours 15 years or more 6.9 hours 180 hours 20 years or more 7.7 hours 200 hours 25 years or more 9.2 hours 240 hours Effective April 28, 1986, only service with state agencies, i.e. agencies whose employees are paid by the Auditor of State, will be computed for purposes of determining the rate of accrual for new employees in the bargaining unit. Service time for vacation accrual for employees employed on that date will not be modified by the preceding sentence. An employee who has retired in accordance with the provisions of any retirement plan offered by the State and who is employed by the state or any political subdivision of the state on or after March 1, 1994, shall not have his prior service with the State or any political subdivision of the State counted for the purpose of computing vacation leave.
LIBOR Rate The election of LIBOR Rates shall be subject to the following terms and requirements:
One-Month LIBOR With respect to any Accrual Period, the rate determined by the Trustee on the related Interest Determination Date on the basis of the rate for U.S. dollar deposits for one month that appears on Telerate Screen Page 3750 as of 11:00 a.m. (London time) on such Interest Determination Date. If such rate does not appear on such page (or such other page as may replace that page on that service, or if such service is no longer offered, such other service for displaying One-Month LIBOR or comparable rates as may be reasonably selected by the Trustee), One-Month LIBOR for the applicable Accrual Period will be the Reference Bank Rate. If no such quotations can be obtained by the Trustee and no Reference Bank Rate is available, One-Month LIBOR will be One-Month LIBOR applicable to the preceding Accrual Period. The establishment of One-Month LIBOR on each Interest Determination Date by the Trustee and the Trustee’s calculation of the rate of interest applicable to the Class A Certificates and Class M Certificates for the related Accrual Period shall, in the absence of manifest error, be final and binding.