Bespoke License (Including Product(s Sample Clauses

Bespoke License (Including Product(s. The provision of Support & Maintenance Services to Customer by Mintra shall commence upon Product Deployment, (as defined in section 1.1.16 of this agreement) and are provided for the first ninety, (90) days from the date of Product Deployment. An Extended twelve-month Support and Maintenance Agreement (“Extended Agreement”) can be purchased, which provides Support and Maintenance Services for a term of one year. The Customer will be advised in the Commercial Proposal of the relevant cost of the Extended Agreement, which will vary in accordance with the complexity of the Bespoke Product(s). This Extended Agreement will commence from the date of termination of the preceding Support and Maintenance Agreement. Subsequent terms of one year can be purchased on a yearly basis in advance. The Extended Agreement provides for a bank of hours of Customisation (as defined by section 1.1.6 of this agreement) that may be called-off at any time during the twelve-month period. The Customer will be advised at the time of purchase of the Extended Agreement of the amount of qualifying Customisation hours. Termination of Support & Maintenance Services shall not affect the Customer’s perpetual right to use the Product(s) in accordance with the Commercial Proposal.
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