Behavioral Health (BH) Network and Services Sample Clauses

Behavioral Health (BH) Network and Services. The requirements in this sub-section pertain to all HMOs except: (1) the STAR HMOs in the Dallas CSA, whose Members receive Behavioral Health Services through the NorthSTAR Program, and (2) the CHIP Perinatal Program HMOs with respect to their Perinate Members. The HMO must provide, or arrange to have provided, to Members all Medically Necessary Behavioral Health (BH) Services as described in Attachments B-2, B-2.1, and B-2.2. All BH Services must be provided in conformance with the access standards included in Section 8.1.3. For Medicaid HMOs, BH Services are described in more detail in the Texas Medicaid Provider Procedures Manual and the Texas Medicaid Bulletins. When assessing Members for BH Services, the HMO and its Network Behavioral Health Service Providers must use the DSM-IV multi-axial classification. HHSC may require use of other assessment instrument/outcome 8-40 Contractual Document (CD) measures in addition to the DSM-IV. Providers must document DSM-IV and assessment/outcome information in the Member’s medical record.