BCII/FBI BACKGROUND CHECKS. The Board will conduct B.C.I.I. and F.B.I. criminal record checks in compliance with the requirements in State Law for all newly hired employees and current bargaining unit members. Any employees who are hired before the Board receives a B.C.I.I and F.B.I report shall be employed conditionally, and if a B.C.I.I report indicates that such an employee does not qualify for employment due to a disqualifying criminal conviction or guilty plea (i.e., that the employee has been convicted of or plead guilty to any of the offenses listed in O.R.C. 3319.39(B) or 3319.31(B)), the employee during his/her probationary period shall be released from employment without the necessity of proceedings to formally terminate such employee's contract of employment. The District shall have good cause to recommend the termination of any current bargaining unit members who are disqualified from their employment based on the offenses set forth in O.R.C. 3319.39(B) and 3319.31(B) when following a due process hearing, conviction of the disqualifying offenses is substantiated. A list of the offenses identified in O.R.C. 3319.39(B) and 3319.31(B) shall be available to bargaining unit members upon request. Background checks must be completed every five years. Each bargaining member will receive $75.00 payable on a non-payroll check to cover the costs of said background checks and required trainings. These checks will be distributed by October 31 of each year with the following stipulations: