Bar Date for Administrative Claims Sample Clauses

Bar Date for Administrative Claims. All applications for payment of Administrative Claims incurred prior to the Closing Date (except for Trade Debt and other Excepted Claims) shall be filed as ordered by the Bankruptcy Court, but in no event later than
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Bar Date for Administrative Claims. Unless otherwise ordered by the Bankruptcy Court, requests for payment of Administrative Claims, including all applications for final allowance of compensation and reimbursement of expenses of Professionals incurred through the Effective Date, must be filed and served on the Debtors, no later than forty-five (45) days after the Effective Date. Any Person that is required to file and serve a request for payment of an Administrative Claim and fails to timely file and serve such request, shall be forever barred, estopped and enjoined from asserting such Claim or participating in distributions under the Plan on account thereof. Objections to a Fee Claim must be filed and served on the Debtors and their counsel, and the requesting party and its counsel (if any) by the later of (1) 75 days after the Effective Date or (2) 30 days after the filing of the applicable request for payment of the Fee Claim.
Bar Date for Administrative Claims