Bankers’ Acceptances Sample Clauses

Bankers’ Acceptances. Provided that the Borrower has, by giving notice to the Administrative Agent in accordance with Section 5.3, requested the Lenders to accept its drafts to replace all or a portion of outstanding BankersAcceptances as they mature, each Lender shall, on the maturity of such Bankers’ Acceptances and concurrent with the payment by the Borrower to such relevant Lender of the face amount of such Bankers’ Acceptances or the portion thereof to be replaced, accept the Borrower’s draft or drafts having an aggregate face amount equal to its Pro Rata Share of the aggregate face amount of the matured Bankers’ Acceptances or the portion thereof to be replaced in accordance with Section 3.4.
Bankers’ Acceptances. (a) Notwithstanding anything to the contrary contained herein, any Local Fronting Lender may agree (in its sole discretion from time to time) to create bankersacceptances under its Currency Sublimit by way of the acceptance and discount of Drafts (the “Acceptances”) pursuant to this Section 6.9; provided, however, that no Local Fronting Lender shall have any obligation to create and/or discount Acceptances, regardless of any prior practice of doing so for the account of such Local Borrowing Subsidiary. Any Acceptances created pursuant to this Section 6.9 shall be denominated in the Denomination Currency for the relevant Local Fronting Lender (and not in Dollars), and shall be for such tenor and in such amount as may be mutually agreed upon by the relevant Local Fronting Lender and Local Borrowing Subsidiary; provided, however, that in no event shall any Acceptance mature after the date which is 30 days prior to the Multi-Currency Termination Date.
Bankers’ Acceptances. Subject to the terms and conditions of this Agreement, the Commitments may be utilized, upon the request of Borrower, in addition to the Loans provided for by Section 2.2 and the issuance of Letters of Credit provided for by Section 2.4, for the acceptance by the Lenders of BankersAcceptances issued by Borrower, provided that in no event shall (i) the aggregate amount of all Bankers’ Acceptance Liabilities together with the aggregate principal amount of the Loans (excluding Bankers’ Acceptances and BA Loans) and the aggregate amount of all LC Exposure exceed the lesser of (A) the aggregate amount of the Borrowing Base then in effect and (B) the aggregate amount of the Commitments of the Lenders, and (ii) any Bankers’ Acceptances have maturities of less than 30 days or more than 180 days from the Acceptance Date (and shall in no event mature on a date after the Maturity Date). The following additional provisions shall apply to Bankers’ Acceptances:
Bankers’ Acceptances. (a) The Canadian Administrative Agent, promptly following receipt of a Notice of Borrowing or Notice of Continuation, requesting BA Loans, shall advise each applicable Canadian Lender of the face or principal amount and term of each BA Loan to be accepted (and purchased) or advanced by it. The aggregate face or principal amount of BA Loans to be accepted or advanced by a Canadian Lender shall be determined by the Canadian Administrative Agent by reference to that Canadian Lender’s applicable pro rata portion of the issue or advance of BA Loans, except that the aggregate face amount of BankersAcceptances to be accepted by the applicable Canadian Lenders shall be increased or reduced by the Canadian Administrative Agent in its sole discretion as may be necessary to ensure that the face amount of the Bankers’ Acceptance to be accepted by each applicable Canadian Lender would be C$100,000 or a whole multiple thereof. For greater certainty, the foregoing C$100,000 minimum face amount of Bankers’ Acceptances for each Lender shall not apply to BA Equivalent Loans.
Bankers’ Acceptances. (a) Each acceptance and purchase of B/As of a single Contract Period pursuant to Section 2.01(b) or Section 2.08 shall be made ratably by the Canadian Tranche Lenders in accordance with the amounts of their Canadian Tranche Commitments. The failure of any Canadian Tranche Lender to accept any B/A required to be accepted by it shall not relieve any other Canadian Tranche Lender of its obligations hereunder; provided that the Canadian Tranche Commitments are several and no Canadian Tranche Lender shall be responsible for any other Canadian Tranche Lender’s failure to accept B/As as required.
Bankers’ Acceptances. (a) The Canadian Borrower may issue BankersAcceptances denominated in Canadian Dollars for acceptance and purchase by the Facility B Lenders in accordance with the provisions of Section 2.01, Section 2.03 and this Section 2.21.
Bankers’ Acceptances. (a) To facilitate the issuance of BankersAcceptances pursuant to this Agreement, the Canadian Borrower irrevocably appoints each Lender from time to time as the attorney-in-fact of the Canadian Borrower to execute, endorse and deliver on behalf of the Borrowers drafts in the forms prescribed by such Lender (if such Lender is a BA Lender) for Bankers’ Acceptances denominated in Cdn. Dollars (each such executed draft that has not yet been accepted by a Lender being referred to as a “Draft”) or non interest-bearing promissory notes of the Canadian Borrower in favour of such Lender (if such Lender is a Non BA Lender) (each such promissory note being referred to as a “BA Equivalent Note”). Each Bankers’ Acceptance and BA Equivalent Note executed and delivered by a Lender on behalf of the Canadian Borrower as provided for in this Section 2.06 will be as binding upon the Borrowers as if it had been executed and delivered by a duly authorized officer of each of the Borrowers.