Bailey Sample Clauses

Bailey. As consideration for entering into a non-competition agreement, First Kansas shall pay at the Closing to each individual director other than Mr. Bailey, the sum of $12,000.
Bailey. R., and Wellesly, L. (2017). Chokepoints and Vulnerabilities in Global Food Trade (Chatham House). 2017/06/chokepoints-and-vulnerabilities-global-food-trade.‌
Bailey. S.W., J.W. Hornbeck, C.T. Driscoll, and H.E. Gaudette. “Calcium inputs and transport in a base-poor forest ecosystem as interpreted by Sr isotopes.” Water Resources Research, Volume 32 (1996): 707-19.
Bailey. R Director of Operations and Administration $537.50
Bailey. J.E. and S.W. Pearson, ìDevelopment of a Tool Measuring and Analyzing Computer User SatisfactionManagement Science, Vol. 29, No. 5: 530-544, 1983.
Bailey. Manager of Industrial Relations LOCAL UNION NO. 1245, INTERNATIONAL BROTHERHOOD OF ELECTRICAL WORKERS, AFL-CIO By Isl lackMcNally Business Manager Local Union No. 1245 International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers, AFL-CIO P.O. Box 4790 Walnut Creek, CA 94596 In 1992, Company and Union established Ad Hoc Negotiations 92-1 to review the current licensing requirements for physical and clerical positions not covered by the Commercial Drivers License Addendum (CDLA) Agreement. Company and Union have jointly established the attached list of license requirements that will be used in filling positions through the job bidding and transfer system. Also attached are classifications filled under Title 305 where a license is required. In addition to the attached licensing requirements, the following administrative guidelines are established: Employees who are currently being accommodated in a position requiring a license will continue to be accommodated unless there is a significant change in local operating conditions which prevent the accommodation. Employees who currently possess a license, but have their license temporarily suspended or who are temporarily unable to drive for other reasons, will be considered for accommodation on a case by case basis taking into consideration local operating conditions and the length of the suspension or inability to drive. Accommodation decisions will be subjected to the grievance procedure. Employees who currently possess a license and are in a classification requiring a license may be removed from the classification if their license is revoked. January 14, 1994 R2-93-39-PGE Those employees in apprentice classifications for which the journeyman is required to have a driver's license will have their status reviewed by the Apprenticeship Committee for possible removal from the apprenticeship in their license is revoked. If the "A" license requirement shown on the attachment is no longer required, the parties will meet to determine the requirements. A license requirement for the Geysers Power Plant was discussed. No agreement was reached. If you are in accord with the foregoing and attachments and agree thereto, please so indicate in the space provided below and return one executed copy of this letter to the Company.
Bailey. J.E.; Ollis, D.F. (1986). Biochemical engineering fundamentals. McGraw-Hill, New York.
Bailey. D.B., Rassnick, K.M., Kristal, O., Chretin, J.D. and Balk- man, C.E.: Phase I dose escalation of single-agent vinblastine in dogs. J. Vet. Intern. Med. 22: 1397-1402.
Bailey. 4th Grade Talent Show Coordinator: Substitutes: