Aware Sample Clauses

Aware. The Company will assist the Trustees in carrying out their responsibilities under the Shared Funding Exemptive Order, by providing the Trustees with all information reasonably necessary for the Trustees to consider any issues raised. This includes, but is not limited to, an obligation by the Company to inform the Trustees whenever Owner voting instructions are disregarded.
Aware of the challenges and opportunities of making heritage cities accessible for all without jeopardizing their monumental integrity and their historical relevance;
Aware the fact or circumstance was known to any employee of the Assets and Liabilities Branch of The Treasury or in the office of the Minister of Finance involved in the negotiation of the Heads of Agreement before 6 June 2003, or the Treasury Solicitor, such that those people could reasonably be expected to understand that such facts or circumstances would be likely to give rise to a Warranty Claim when they became aware of them;
Aware of the inter-sectoral nature of many of these issues, urges Parties to promote dialogue among different sectors to mainstream biodiversity, at the regional and national levels including, when appropriate, through the processes of the Convention, to address linkages between the conservation and sustainable use of biodiversity and, among others, international trade, finance, agriculture, forestry, tourism, mining, energy and fisheries, in order to contribute to the more effective implementation of the Convention, in particular its Article 6;
Aware that marine and coastal protected areas should be part of a wider marine and coastal management framework, urges Parties and other Governments, as appropriate, to make efforts to adopt, as a matter of high priority (while taking into account the resource limitations of small island developing States), such a framework, taking into account appendix 3 to annex I to the present decision;
Aware. Coordination Action for Self-Awareness in Autonomic Systems”, FP7 Coordination Action, call FP7-ICT-2009-5, FP7-ICT-2009.8.9, WP leader, years 2010-2013.
Aware that greater regional and international cooperation, including regional research reactor coalitions and International Centres based on Research Reactors (ICERRs), will be needed to ensure broad access to research reactors, owing to the fact that older research reactors are being replaced by fewer multi-purpose reactors, resulting in a drop in the number of operational reactors and noting with appreciation the Secretariat’s integrated and systematic support to countries embarking on their first research reactor project and the recent efforts to promote support for optimizing utilization of research reactors through the Integrated Research Reactor Utilization Review (IRRUR) mission,