Awards to Non Employee Directors; Continuation of Automatic Grants Sample Clauses

AWARDS TO NON-EMPLOYEE DIRECTORS; CONTINUATION OF AUTOMATIC GRANTS. The aggregate number of Shares with respect to which Awards may be granted to Non-Employee Directors under the Plan shall be 500,000 shares of Common Stock (increased proportionately in the event of any stock split or stock dividend with respect to the Shares). Unless and until amended or terminated by the Board, the Committee or the Governance and Nomination Committee thereof, the automatic Award grants to Non-Employee Directors contemplated by Section 7.16 of the Former Plan shall terminate under the Former Plan and continue under the Plan from and after the Effective Date. Any provision in the Former Plan or in options granted under the Former Plan referencing expiration of options upon termination of the Former Plan shall be deemed to refer to expiration upon termination of this Plan. Notwithstanding anything to the contrary contained in the Former Plan, unless otherwise determined by the Board or the Committee, all Non-Employee Directors shall be eligible to receive the automatic Award grants contemplated by Section 7.16 of the Former Plan.