Authorized Class Iii Gaming Sample Clauses

Authorized Class Iii Gaming. The Nation shall conduct only those Class III Gaming games specifically listed in Appendix A, in accordance with the specifications set forth in Appendices A and B.
Authorized Class Iii Gaming. The Tribe may conduct, only on Indian Lands, subject to all of the terms and conditions of this Compact, any or all forms of casino-style gaming, including but not limited to slot machines and other forms of electronic gaming devices; all forms of poker, blackjack and other casino-style card games, both banked and unbanked; roulette; craps; keno; wheel of fortune; pai gow; and other games played in casino settings; and any form of a lottery. Subject to the foregoing, the Tribe shall establish, in its discretion, by tribal law, such limitations as it deems appropriate on the number and type of Class III Gaming conducted, the location of Class III Gaming on Indian Lands, the hours and days of operation, and betting and pot limits, applicable to such gaming.
Authorized Class Iii Gaming