AUDIT AND TAX SUPPORT SERVICES. Audit and Tax Support Services Administrator Services Responsibility of the Fund or its DelegateSubchapter M • Perform Subchapter M related tests as required by the Internal Revenue Code with respect to status as a regulated investment company • Review subchapter M tests.Federal and State Tax Returns • Co-ordinate with an external accounting firm to prepare and file federal, state and local income and excise tax returns (including extensions) for the Fund other than those required to be prepared and filed by the Fund's transfer agent or custodian. The cost will be a Fund level expense. Macquarie Administration Agreement Page 6 of 8SEI – 296447 THIS DOCUMENT CONSTITUTES CONFIDENTIAL INFORMATION OF SEI GLOBAL SERVICES, INC.1099s • Prepare for review by Fund management and independent tax advisor data for year-end 1099’s and supplemental tax letters; • Review and approve data for year-end 1099's and supplemental tax letters.ASC 740Assist on ASC 740 monitoring and analysis for financial statement disclosure, if necessary. • Prepare with assistance from Fund Counsel or other relevant tax professional any technical ASC 740 required memorandum or tax opinion on uncertain tax positions • The cost will be a Fund level expense. Excise TaxAssist in computation of excise tax distribution requirement and its related tax liability. • Engage third party tax professional to prepare excise tax return including extension. • Coordinate with third party engaged by the Fund to prepare excise tax return, including extension The cost will be a Fund level expense. • Review and approve the computations.AuditCooperate with, and take all reasonable actions in the performance of its duties under this Agreement to ensure that all necessary information is made available to the independent public accountants of the Fund in connection with the preparation of any audit or report requested by Fund, including the provision of a conference room at the Administrator’s location if necessary (in this regard, Fund's independent auditors shall provide the Administrator with reasonable notice of any such audit so that (i) the audit will be completed in a timely fashion and (ii) the Administrator will be able to promptly respond to such information requests without undue disruption of its business). Macquarie Administration Agreement Page 7 of 8SEI – 296447 THIS DOCUMENT CONSTITUTES CONFIDENTIAL INFORMATION OF SEI GLOBAL SERVICES, INC.
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