ATTENDANCE INCENTIVE – 11/01/11 THROUGH 10/31/12 Sample Clauses

ATTENDANCE INCENTIVE – 11/01/11 THROUGH 10/31/12. An Attendance Incentive payment of one thousand dollars ($1,000.00) will be paid to Full-Time and Part-Time employees who meet the following criteria:  Completion of probationary period by July 1st of the payment year. Any employee who, by reason of illness, injury, or leave of absence, is absent for thirty (30) days or less during the year’s service (or ninety (90) days for absences due to worker’s compensation), will be entitled to the Attendance Incentive payment.o An employee absent from his/her duties for more than thirty (30) days (or ninety(90) days for worker’s compensation) during the year will be entitled to one- twelfth (1/12) of the Attendance Incentive for each month or major fraction thereof which he/she worked.o Time on Military Leave, Jury Duty, Unprovoked Attack, and Transitional Duty will be treated as active duty.o Any employee that does not meet the criteria and is not awarded all or part of their Attendance Incentive payment may file a claim with his/her Local Chairperson for a review of such denial. The basis of the claim must be related to LACMTA’s administrative procedures which have resulted in an extension of any employee’s absence or as a result of unique circumstances related to Family Medical Leave.o The parties’ commit that all such claims will be reviewed and resolved in an expedited manner by the UTU and LACMTA’s Employee & Labor Relations Department. To that end, the UTU shall make all claims and petition LACMTA for a review by December 31, 2012 for Attendance Incentive issued on the previous December 1, 2011. All such reviews will be completed by January 31, 2013.