Assumed (Non Union) Contracts and Leases Sample Clauses

Assumed (Non-Union) Contracts and Leases. Except with respect to the Union Contracts (whose treatment under this Plan is described in Section 8.3 herein), only those executory contracts and unexpired leases to which the Debtors (or any of them) are a party that are specifically listed on the schedule of assumed contracts and leases annexed hereto as Exhibit L, or that have been previously assumed or that are the subject of a pending motion to assume or notice of assumption, shall be deemed automatically assumed and Reinstated as of the Effective Date; provided, however, that neither the inclusion by the Debtors of a contract or lease on Exhibit L nor anything contained in this Plan shall constitute an admission by the Debtors that such lease or contract is an unexpired lease or executory contract or that any Debtor, or any of their Affiliates, has any liability thereunder. The Confirmation Order shall constitute an order of the Bankruptcy Court approving such assumptions, pursuant to section 365(b)(1) of the Bankruptcy Code and, to the extent applicable, section 365(b)(3) of the Bankruptcy Code, as of the Effective Date.Each executory contract and unexpired lease that is assumed and relates to the use, ability to acquire, or occupancy of real property shall include (a) all modifications, amendments, supplements, restatements, or other agreements made directly or indirectly by any agreement, instrument, or other document that in any manner affect such executory contract or unexpired lease and (b) all executory contracts or unexpired leases appurtenant to the premises, including all easements, licenses, permits, rights, privileges, immunities, options, rights of first refusal, powers, uses, reciprocal easement agreements, and any other interests in real estate or rights inrem related to such premises, unless any of the foregoing agreements has been rejected pursuant to a Final Order of the Bankruptcy Court or is otherwise rejected as a part of this Plan.