Assignment of tenancy Sample Clauses

Assignment of tenancy. 2.4.1 You may only assign the tenancy in the following circumstances: • to comply with a court order, or • with our prior consent to a person who would be qualified to succeed you if you had died immediately before the assignment (refer to right to succeed clause).
Assignment of tenancy. 25.1 Assignment is when you pass or transfer the rights of your flexible tenancy in full to somebody else, where allowed by the Housing Xxx 0000. Assignment of a flexible tenancy is not allowed in law except in limited circumstances these are by way of:  court order;  mutual exchange; or  to a qualifying successor.
Assignment of tenancy. The parties acknowledge that Tenant has succeeded PDSHeart, Inc. as tenant under the Lease. Tenant agrees to be bound by all the obligations ascribed to the tenant pursuant thereto.
Assignment of tenancy. Second floor of Property 5 (unit no. 6-2) is currently tenanted out to a third party for a monthly rental of RM700 for a tenancy period of two (2) years effective from 1 March 2018 onwards (“Tenancy”). On the Effective Date of the Agreement, the Lessor/Seller shall assign the Tenancy to the Lessee/Buyer. Effective from the Assignment, the Lessee/Buyer shall assume all and sundry obligations and covenants and shall enjoy or be entitled to all whatsoever benefits rights and interest of the Lessor/Seller in or under the Tenancy as fully and effectively as if the Lessee/Buyer has been the party to the Tenancy in place of the Lessor/Seller.

Related to Assignment of tenancy

  • Assignment by Landlord At any time after the Commencement Date, but subject to the provisions of Section 9.3, Landlord shall have the right to transfer, assign or convey, in whole or in part, the Properties of which the Leased Premises are a part, or any portion or portions thereof, and any and all of its rights under this Lease, and in the event Landlord transfers, assigns, or conveys its rights and obligations under this Lease, Landlord shall thereby be released from any future obligations hereunder and Tenant agrees to look solely to such successor in interest of the Landlord for performance of such future obligations to the extent such successor in interest has, by written instrument of which a copy has been delivered to Tenant, assumed all of the liabilities and obligations of its predecessor in interest under this Lease accruing from and after the date of such transfer, assignment or conveyance; the foregoing provision shall not release the transferring Landlord from any obligation or liability which has not been assumed by such successor in interest of Landlord. Except for such release of the prior Landlord, in no event shall any transfer, assignment or conveyance affect or otherwise impair the rights of Tenant to accrued self-help, abatement or other rights and remedies of Tenant hereunder arising out of any breach of an express warranty or representation of any Landlord contained in this Lease, the failure of any Landlord to perform any covenant of Landlord under this Lease or otherwise arising out of this Lease. Notwithstanding any other provision of this Lease, except as expressly provided in Sections 9.3, no transfer, assignment or conveyance of interest of the transferring Landlord in all or any part of the Property or the Land shall release or reduce, or prejudice Tenant’s rights against the transferring Landlord with respect to, any liabilities or obligations of Landlord which accrued, or relate to any period of time, prior to the date of such transfer, assignment or conveyance.

  • Assignment of Lease If the Trustee or Tenant has assumed the Lease pursuant to the provisions of this Section for the purpose of assigning Tenant's interest hereunder to any other person or entity, such interest may be assigned only after the Trustee, Tenant or the proposed assignee have complied with all of the terms, covenants and conditions of this Lease, including, without limitation, those with respect to Additional Rent. Landlord and Tenant acknowledge that such terms, covenants and conditions are commercially reasonable in the context of a bankruptcy proceeding of Tenant. Any person or entity to which this Lease is assigned pursuant to the provisions of the Code shall be deemed without further act or deed to have assumed all of the obligations arising under this Lease on and after the date of such assignment. Any such assignee shall upon request execute and deliver to Landlord an instrument confirming such assignment.

  • Assignment and Subletting by Tenant 7.1.1 Tenant shall not have the right to assign, transfer, mortgage or encumber this Lease in whole or in part, nor sublet the whole or any part of the Premises, nor allow the occupancy of all or any part of the Premises by another, without first obtaining Landlord’s consent, which consent may be granted or denied in accordance with this paragraph. In no event shall the determination of the amount of rent be expressed in whole or in part as a percentage of the income or profits derived by the subtenant from the space leased (other than an amount based on a fixed percentage or percentages of gross receipts or gross sales). Notwithstanding any permitted assignment or subletting, Tenant shall at all times remain directly, primarily and fully responsible and liable for the payment of all sums payable under this Lease and for compliance with all of its other obligations as tenant under this Lease. Landlord’s acceptance of Base Rent, Additional Rent or any other sum from any assignee, sublessee, transferee, mortgagee or encumbrance holder shall not be deemed to be Landlord’s approval of any such conveyance. Upon the occurrence of an Event of Default, if the Premises or any part of the Premises are then subject to an assignment or subletting, Landlord may, at its option, collect directly from such assignee or subtenant all rents becoming due to Tenant under such assignment or sublease and apply such rents against any sums due to Landlord from Tenant under this Lease. No such collection shall be construed to constitute a novation or release of Tenant from the further performance of Tenant’s obligations under this Lease. Landlord’s right of direct collection shall be in addition to and not in limitation of any other rights and remedies provided for in this Lease or at law. Tenant makes an absolute assignment to Landlord of such assignments and subleases and any rent, Lease Security Deposits and other sums payable under such assignments and subleases as collateral to secure the performance of the obligations of Tenant under this Lease.

  • Assignment by Lessor The terms and conditions of each Schedule have been fixed by Lessor in order to permit Lessor to sell and/or assign or transfer its interest or grant a security interest in each Schedule and/or the Equipment to a Secured Party or Assignee. In that event, the term Lessor will mean the Assignee and any Secured Party. However, any assignment, sale, or other transfer by Lessor will not relieve Lessor of its obligations to Lessee and will not materially change Lessee's duties or materially increase the burdens or risks imposed on Lessee. The Lessee consents to and will acknowledge such assignments in a written notice given to Lessee. Lessee also agrees that:

  • Assignment by Lessee Lessee may transfer or assign its rights and obligations under this Agreement without the consent of Operator but shall deliver to Operator written notice of such transfer or assignment not less than ten (10) days prior to the effective date thereof; provided, however, in the event of the assignment of this Agreement to a party that is not an Affiliate, Operator shall have the right to terminate this Agreement within 15 days after receipt of written notice of such assignment, which termination will be effective within 30 days of Lessee’s receipt of such termination notice. Any transfer or assignment of this Agreement by Lessee shall include an express assumption by the transferee or assignee of Lessee’s obligations hereunder. Nothing herein shall be deemed to require Lessee to assign or attempt to assign this Agreement to any third party, including any buyer of a Hotel.

  • Assignment of Sublease Any approved sublease will be assigned to LESSOR as security. LESSEE will deliver the original counterpart of the sublease to LESSOR and make any filings necessary to protect LESSOR's security interest.

  • Assignment/Subletting Tenant is not permitted to assign or sub-let this Lease without the prior written consent of Landlord. Tenant may also not grant any license to use the Property or any part of the Property without the prior written consent of the Landlord. If Landlord consents to any one assignment, sub-let or license, this shall not be deemed a consent to any subsequent such request. Any assignment, sub-let or license without Landlord's prior written approval shall be null and void and shall, if Landlord chooses, terminate this Lease.

  • Assignment of Leases The Assignment of Leases creates a valid assignment of, or a valid security interest in, certain rights under the Leases, subject only to a license granted to Borrower to exercise certain rights and to perform certain obligations of the lessor under the Leases, including the right to operate the Property. No Person other than Lender has any interest in or assignment of the Leases or any portion of the Rents due and payable or to become due and payable thereunder.

  • Assignment; Sublease Except as otherwise expressly provided herein, Tenant covenants and agrees that it shall not assign, mortgage, pledge, hypothecate or otherwise transfer this Lease and/or Tenant's interest in this Lease or sublet (which term, without limitation, shall include granting of concessions, licenses or the like) the whole or any part of the Premises without first obtaining Landlord's prior written consent, which consent will be governed by the terms and provisions of Section 5.6.2 below if Landlord does not exercise its rights under Section below. Any assignment, mortgage, pledge, hypothecation, transfer or subletting not expressly permitted in or consented to by Landlord under Sections 5.6.1-5.6.7 shall be void, ab initio; shall be of no force and effect; and shall confer no rights on or in favor of third parties. In addition, Landlord shall be entitled to seek specific performance of or other equitable relief with respect to the provisions hereof.