Assignment of 2014 Performance Award Sample Clauses

Assignment of 2014 Performance Award. Except as otherwise permitted by the Committee and as provided in the immediately following paragraph, the Participant's rights under the Plan and this Agreement are personal, and no assignment or transfer of the Participant's rights under and interest in this 2014 Performance Award may be made by the Participant other than by a domestic relations order. This 2014 Performance Award is payable during his lifetime only to the Participant, or in the case of the Participant being mentally incapacitated, this 2014 Performance Award shall be payable to his guardian or legal representative. The Participant may designate a beneficiary or beneficiaries (the “Beneficiary”) to whom the 2014 Performance Award under this Agreement, if any, will pass upon the Participant’s death and may change such designation from time to time by filing with the Company a written designation of Beneficiary on the form attached hereto as Exhibit A, or such other form as may be prescribed by the Committee; provided that no such designation shall be effective unless so filed prior to the death of the Participant and no such designation shall be effective as of a date prior to receipt by the Company. The Participant may change his Beneficiary without the consent of any prior Beneficiary by filing a new designation with the Company. The last such designation that the Company receives in accordance with the foregoing provisions will be controlling. Following the Participant’s death, the 2014 Performance Award, if any, will pass to the designated Beneficiary and such person will be deemed the Participant for purposes of any applicable provisions of this Agreement. If no such designation is made or if the designated Beneficiary does not survive the Participant’s death, the 2014 Performance Award shall pass by will or, if none, then by the laws of descent and distribution.