Assessments and Other Charges Sample Clauses

Assessments and Other Charges. Subject to paragraph 7 hereof relating to contests, Mortgagor shall pay before they become delinquent or before any penalty might attach for nonpayment thereof, all production, severance and crude oil windfall profits taxes now due or hereafter to be accrued from production from the Mortgaged Properties and all taxes and assessments and all other similar charges whatsoever levied upon or assessed or placed against the Mortgaged Properties, except that assessments may be paid in installments so long as no fine or penalty is added to any installment for the nonpayment thereof. Mortgagor shall likewise pay all taxes, assessments and other charges, levied upon or assessed, placed or made against, or measured by, this Mortgage, or the recordation hereof, or the Indebtedness secured hereby, provided that Mortgagor shall not be obligated to pay such tax, assessment or charge if such payment would be contrary to law or would result in the payment of an unlawful rate of interest on the Indebtedness secured hereby; and provided further that nothing herein contained shall be construed as requiring Mortgagor to pay any net income, profits or revenue taxes of Mortgagee. At any time upon the request of Mortgagee, Mortgagor shall promptly furnish to Mortgagee all notices received by Mortgagor of amounts due under this paragraph and shall promptly furnish to Mortgagee receipts evidencing such payments.
Assessments and Other Charges. Seller and Purchaser agree that all accrued and accruing rents, water and service charges, special assessments and common interest charges relating to the Real Estate Leases not otherwise accounted for in the Accrued Liabilities shall be prorated between Seller and Purchaser to the Effective Time.
Assessments and Other Charges. All municipal assessments and other similar charges of any federal, state or local governmental or public agency or authority, general and special, ordinary and extraordinary, which are imposed, without limitation, as a result of the correction, alteration, repair or improvement of the condition of any public improvement equipment or service which was completed or significantly completed prior to the Closing Date, which are or will become a lien upon the Property or any part thereof at the Closing Date, whether or not the same are then past due or are payable thereafter in installments or otherwise, or which have been confirmed by any public authority by the Closing Date, shall be paid in full by Seller without adjustment.

Related to Assessments and Other Charges

  • Taxes and Other Charges Borrower shall pay or cause to be paid all Taxes and Other Charges now or hereafter levied or assessed or imposed against the Property or any part thereof as the same become due and payable; provided, however, Borrower’s obligation to directly pay to the appropriate taxing authority Taxes shall be suspended for so long as Borrower escrows for Taxes pursuant to the terms and provisions of Section 7.2 hereof. Borrower will deliver to Lender receipts for payment or other evidence satisfactory to Lender that the Taxes and Other Charges have been so paid or are not then delinquent no later than ten (10) days prior to the date on which the Taxes and/or Other Charges would otherwise be delinquent if not paid (provided, however, that Borrower is not required to furnish such receipts for payment of Taxes in the event that such Taxes have been paid by Lender pursuant to Section 7.2 hereof). If Borrower pays or causes to be paid all Taxes and Other Charges and provides a copy of the receipt evidencing the payment thereof to Lender, then Lender shall reimburse Borrower, provided that there are then sufficient proceeds in the Tax and Insurance Escrow Fund and provided that the Taxes are being paid pursuant to Section 7.2. Upon written request of Borrower, if Lender has paid such Taxes pursuant to Section 7.2 hereof, Lender shall provide Borrower with evidence that such Taxes have been paid. Borrower shall not suffer and shall promptly cause to be paid and discharged any Lien or charge whatsoever which may be or become a Lien or charge against the Property, and shall promptly pay for all utility services provided to the Property. After prior written notice to Lender, Borrower, at its own expense, may contest by appropriate legal proceeding, promptly initiated and conducted in good faith and with due diligence, the amount or validity or application in whole or in part of any Taxes or Other Charges, provided that (i) Borrower is permitted to do so under the provisions of any mortgage or deed of trust superior in lien to the Mortgage; (ii) such proceeding shall be permitted under and be conducted in accordance with the provisions of any other instrument to which Borrower is subject and shall not constitute a default thereunder and such proceeding shall be conducted in accordance with all applicable statutes, laws and ordinances; (iii) the Property nor any part thereof or interest therein will be in danger of being sold, forfeited, terminated, cancelled or lost; (iv) Borrower shall promptly upon final determination thereof pay the amount of any such Taxes or Other Charges, together with all costs, interest and penalties which may be payable in connection therewith; (v) such proceeding shall suspend the collection of such contested Taxes or Other Charges from the Property; and (vi) Borrower shall furnish such security as may be required in the proceeding, or as may be reasonably requested by Lender, to insure the payment of any such Taxes or Other Charges, together with all interest and penalties thereon (provided, however, if Anchor Tenant is conducting the contest pursuant to the Anchor Tenant Lease, and is not required under the Anchor Tenant Lease to post any such security, then this clause (vi) shall not apply). Lender may pay over any such cash deposit or part thereof held by Lender to the claimant entitled thereto at any time when, in the reasonable judgment of Lender, the entitlement of such claimant is established.

  • Rent and Other Charges Base Rent, Operating Expenses, and any other amounts which Tenant is or becomes obligated to pay Landlord under this Lease or other agreement entered in connection herewith, are sometimes herein referred to collectively as "Rent," and all remedies applicable to the non-payment of Rent shall be applicable thereto. Rent shall be paid at any office maintained by Landlord or its agent at the Property, or at such other place as Landlord may designate.

  • Fees and Other Charges (a) The Borrower will pay a fee on all outstanding Letters of Credit at a per annum rate equal to the Applicable Margin then in effect with respect to Eurodollar Loans under the Revolving Facility, shared ratably among the Revolving Lenders and payable quarterly in arrears on each Fee Payment Date after the issuance date. In addition, the Borrower shall pay to the Issuing Lender for its own account a fronting fee of 0.25% per annum on the undrawn and unexpired amount of each Letter of Credit, payable quarterly in arrears on each Fee Payment Date after the issuance date.

  • Payment of Taxes and Other Charges Pay and discharge when due all indebtedness and all taxes, assessments, charges, levies and other liabilities imposed upon the Borrower, its income, profits, property or business, except those which currently are being contested in good faith by appropriate proceedings and for which the Borrower shall have set aside adequate reserves or made other adequate provision with respect thereto acceptable to the Bank in its sole discretion.

  • Commissions and Other Charges (a) The Borrower shall pay to the Administrative Agent, for the account of the Issuing Lender and the L/C Participants, a letter of credit commission with respect to each Letter of Credit in an amount equal to the face amount of such Letter of Credit multiplied by the Applicable Margin with respect to Revolving Credit Loans that are LIBOR Rate Loans (determined on a per annum basis). Such commission shall be payable quarterly in arrears on the last Business Day of each calendar quarter and on the Revolving Credit Maturity Date. The Administrative Agent shall, promptly following its receipt thereof, distribute to the Issuing Lender and the L/C Participants all commissions received pursuant to this Section 3.3(a) in accordance with their respective Revolving Credit Commitment Percentages.

  • Liability for Taxes and Other Charges If any present or future tax or other governmental charge shall become payable by the Depositary or the Custodian with respect to any Shares, Deposited Securities, Receipts or ADSs, such tax or other governmental charge shall be payable by the Holders and Beneficial Owners to the Depositary and such Holders and Beneficial Owners shall be deemed liable therefor. The Company, the Custodian and/or the Depositary may withhold or deduct from any distributions made in respect of Deposited Securities and may sell for the account of a Holder and/or Beneficial Owner any or all of the Deposited Securities and apply such distributions and sale proceeds in payment of such taxes (including applicable interest and penalties) or charges, with the Holder and the Beneficial Owner remaining fully liable for any deficiency. In addition to any other remedies available to it, the Depositary and the Custodian may refuse the deposit of Shares, and the Depositary may refuse to issue ADSs, to Deliver ADRs, register the transfer, split-up or combination of ADRs and (subject to Section 7.8) the withdrawal of Deposited Securities, until payment in full of such tax, charge, penalty or interest is received. Every Holder and Beneficial Owner agrees to, and shall, indemnify the Depositary, the Company, the Custodian and each and every of their respective officers, directors, employees, agents and Affiliates against, and hold each of them harmless from, any claims with respect to taxes, additions to tax (including applicable interest and penalties thereon) arising out of any refund of taxes, reduced rate of withholding at source or other tax benefit obtained for or by such Holder and/or Beneficial Owner. The obligations of Holders and Beneficial Owners of Receipts under this Section 3.2 shall survive any transfer of Receipts, any surrender of Receipts and withdrawal of Deposited Securities, or the termination of this Deposit Agreement.

  • Payment of Taxes, Insurance and Other Charges With respect to each Mortgage Loan, the Master Servicer shall maintain accurate records reflecting the status of ground rents, taxes, assessments, water rates and other charges which are or may become a lien upon the Mortgaged Property and the status of fire and hazard insurance coverage and, as to those Mortgage Loans subject to a voluntary escrow agreement, shall obtain, from time to time, all bills for the payment of such charges (including renewal premiums) and shall effect payment thereof prior to the applicable penalty or termination date and at a time appropriate for securing maximum discounts allowable, employing for such purpose deposits of the Mortgagor in the Escrow Account which shall have been estimated and accumulated by the Master Servicer in amounts sufficient for such purposes, as allowed under the terms of the Mortgage or Applicable Regulations. The Master Servicer assumes full responsibility for the timely payment of all such bills and shall effect timely payments of all such bills irrespective of the Mortgagor's faithful performance in the payment of same or the making of the Escrow Payments and shall make Servicing Advances from its own funds to effect such payments. To the extent that the Mortgage does not provide for Escrow Payments, the Master Servicer shall use reasonable efforts consistent with the Servicing Standard to determine that any such payments are made by the Mortgagor at the time they first become due and shall ensure that the Mortgaged Property is not lost to a tax lien as a result of nonpayment and that such Mortgaged Property is not left uninsured.

  • Taxes and Other Impositions Grantor will pay, or cause to be paid, all taxes, assessments and other charges or levies imposed upon or against or with respect to the Property or the ownership, use, occupancy or enjoyment of any portion thereof, or any utility service thereto, as the same become due and payable, including but not limited to all real estate taxes assessed against the Property or any part thereof, and shall deliver promptly to Holder such evidence of the payment thereof as Holder may require.

  • Payment of Taxes and Other Impositions (a) Except as expressly permitted under the Credit Agreement, Mortgagor, prior to delinquency, shall pay and discharge all taxes of every kind and nature (including, without limitation, all real and personal property, income, franchise, withholding, transfer, gains, profits and gross receipts taxes), all charges for any easement or agreement maintained for the benefit of any of the Mortgaged Property, all general and special assessments, levies, permits, inspection and license fees, all water and sewer rents and charges and all other public charges even if unforeseen or extraordinary, imposed upon or assessed against or which may become a lien on any of the Mortgaged Property, or arising in respect of the occupancy, use or possession thereof, together with any penalties or interest on any of the foregoing (all of the foregoing are collectively referred to as the "IMPOSITIONS"). Mortgagor shall within 30 days after the request of Mortgagee deliver to Mortgagee (i) original or copies of receipted bills and cancelled checks or other evidence of payment of such Imposition if it is a real estate tax or other public charge and (ii) evidence acceptable to Mortgagee in its reasonable discretion showing the payment of any other such Imposition. If by law any Imposition, at Mortgagor's option, may be paid in installments (whether or not interest shall accrue on the unpaid balance of such Imposition), Mortgagor may elect to pay such Imposition in such installments and shall be responsible for the payment of such installments with interest, if any.

  • Payment of Taxes and Other Claims The Company will pay or discharge or cause to be paid or discharged, before the same shall become delinquent, (1) all taxes, assessments and governmental charges levied or imposed upon the Company or any Subsidiary or upon the income, profits or property of the Company or any Subsidiary, and (2) all lawful claims for labor, materials and supplies which, if unpaid, might by law become a lien upon the property of the Company or any Subsidiary; provided, however, that the Company shall not be required to pay or discharge or cause to be paid or discharged any such tax, assessment, charge or claim whose amount, applicability or validity is being contested in good faith by appropriate proceedings.