Asbestos Monitoring Sample Clauses

Related to Asbestos Monitoring

  • Environmental Monitoring (a) Borrower shall give prompt written notice to Lender of (i) any proceeding or inquiry by any party (including any Governmental Authority) with respect to the presence of any Hazardous Substance on, under, from or about the Property, (ii) all claims made or threatened by any third party (including any Governmental Authority) against Borrower or the Property or any party occupying the Property relating to any loss or injury resulting from any Hazardous Substance, and (iii) Borrower’s discovery of any occurrence or condition on any real property adjoining or in the vicinity of the Property that could cause the Property to be subject to any investigation or cleanup pursuant to any Environmental Law. Upon becoming aware of the presence of mold or fungus at the Property, Borrower shall (i) undertake an investigation to identify the source(s) of such mold or fungus and shall develop and implement an appropriate remediation plan to eliminate the presence of any Toxic Mold, (ii) perform or cause to be performed all acts reasonably necessary for the remediation of any Toxic Mold (including taking any action necessary to clean and disinfect any portions of the Property affected by Toxic Mold, including providing any necessary moisture control systems at the Property), and (iii) provide evidence reasonably satisfactory to Lender of the foregoing. Borrower shall permit Lender to join and participate in, as a party if it so elects, any legal or administrative proceedings or other actions initiated with respect to the Property in connection with any Environmental Law or Hazardous Substance, and Borrower shall pay all reasonable attorneys’ fees and disbursements incurred by Lender in connection therewith.

  • Asbestos Any material that contains more than one percent asbestos and is friable or is releasing asbestos fibers into the air above current action levels established by the United States Occupational Safety and Health Administration.

  • Monitoring In each case in which the Foreign Custody Manager maintains Foreign Assets with an Eligible Foreign Custodian selected by the Foreign Custody Manager, the Foreign Custody Manager shall establish a system to monitor (i) the appropriateness of maintaining the Foreign Assets with such Eligible Foreign Custodian and (ii) the contract governing the custody arrangements established by the Foreign Custody Manager with the Eligible Foreign Custodian. In the event the Foreign Custody Manager determines that the custody arrangements with an Eligible Foreign Custodian it has selected are no longer appropriate, the Foreign Custody Manager shall notify the Board in accordance with Section 3.2.5 hereunder.

  • Supply Chain Monitoring A copy of the supply chain monitoring process, which should include details of the process for monitoring the financial viability of the supply chain (including timing), together with any known risks to supply chain stability and material changes to the supply chain. This should include extracts from Board level meetings, risk registers etc where any of the above items have been discussed. Annex 1 1 Information from Contractors who are not required to submit form AR01 to Companies House

  • Contract Monitoring The criminal background checks required by this rule shall be national in scope, and must be conducted at least once every three (3) years. Contractor shall make the criminal background checks required by Paragraph IV.G.1 available for inspection and copying by DRS personnel upon request of DRS.

  • SERVICE MONITORING, ANALYSES AND ORACLE SOFTWARE 11.1 We continuously monitor the Services to facilitate Oracle’s operation of the Services; to help resolve Your service requests; to detect and address threats to the functionality, security, integrity, and availability of the Services as well as any content, data, or applications in the Services; and to detect and address illegal acts or violations of the Acceptable Use Policy. Oracle monitoring tools do not collect or store any of Your Content residing in the Services, except as needed for such purposes. Oracle does not monitor, and does not address issues with, non-Oracle software provided by You or any of Your Users that is stored in, or run on or through, the Services. Information collected by Oracle monitoring tools (excluding Your Content) may also be used to assist in managing Oracle’s product and service portfolio, to help Oracle address deficiencies in its product and service offerings, and for license management purposes.

  • ANALYSIS AND MONITORING The Custodian shall (a) provide the Fund (or its duly-authorized investment manager or investment adviser) with an analysis of the custody risks associated with maintaining assets with the Eligible Securities Depositories set forth on Schedule B hereto in accordance with section (a)(1)(i)(A) of Rule 17f-7, and (b) monitor such risks on a continuing basis, and promptly notify the Fund (or its duly-authorized investment manager or investment adviser) of any material change in such risks, in accordance with section (a)(1)(i)(B) of Rule 17f-7.

  • Compliance Monitoring Grantee must be subject to compliance monitoring during the period of performance in which funds are Expended and up to three years following the closeout of all funds. In order to assure that the program can be adequately monitored, the following is required of Grantee:

  • Engineering 2.1.3 Major Equipment procurement

  • Materials The Executive will use Confidential Information only for normal and customary use in the Company’s business, as determined reasonably and in good faith by the Company. The Executive will return to the Company all Confidential Information and copies thereof and all other property of the Company or any Company Affiliate at any time upon the request of the Company and in any event immediately after termination of Executive’s employment. The Executive agrees to identify and return to the Company any copies of any Confidential Information after the Executive ceases to be employed by the Company. Anything to the contrary notwithstanding, nothing in this Section 7 shall prevent the Executive from retaining a home computer (provided all Confidential Information has been removed), papers and other materials of a personal nature, including diaries, calendars and Rolodexes, information relating to his compensation or relating to reimbursement of expenses, information that may be needed for tax purposes, and copies of plans, programs and agreements relating to his employment.