As Promptly as Practicable After the United States Securities and Exchange Commission (The Sample Clauses

As promptly as practicable after the United States Securities and Exchange Commission (the. SEC") has informed FCE that it has no further comments with respect to or will not review ("SEC Clearance") the preliminary Joint Proxy Statement, the Company will apply to the Court pursuant to Section 193 of the Business Corporations Act (Alberta) (the "ABCA") for an interim order in form and substance reasonably satisfactory to FCE (the "Interim Order") providing for, among other things, the calling and holding of the Company Shareholders Meeting for the purpose of considering and, if deemed advisable, approving the arrangement (the "Arrangement") under Section 193 of the ABCA and pursuant to this Agreement and the Plan of Arrangement substantially in the form of Exhibit A (the "Plan of Arrangement"). If the Company Common Shareholders approve the Arrangement and all necessary approvals of FCE stockholders have been obtained, the Company and FCE will take the necessary steps to submit the Arrangement to the Court and apply for a final order of the Court approving the Arrangement in such fashion as the Court may direct (the "Final Order"). At 12:01 a.m. (the "Effective Time") on the date (the "Effective Date") shown on the articles of arrangement filed with the Registrar under the ABCA (which articles of arrangement will not be filed with the Registrar under the ABCA during any 15 Business Day cure period referred to in Section 6.1 (b) or (c) hereof) giving effect to the Arrangement and other transactions set out in Section 2.1 of the Plan of Arrangement, the Arrangement and such other transactions shall occur and shall be deemed to occur in the order set out therein without any further act or formality.