Artistic Quality Sample Clauses

Artistic Quality. The artistic quality or artistic interpretation of the Film except as necessary to fulfill Production and Delivery.
Artistic Quality. The artistic quality or artistic interpretation of the Film except as required for Production and Delivery.

Related to Artistic Quality

  • Image Quality The image of a check or item transmitted to us using RDC must be legible. The image quality of the items must comply with the requirements established from time to time by ANSI, the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve Board, or any other regulatory agency, or other clearinghouses.

  • Service Quality The Transfer Agent shall maintain a quality control process designed to provide a consistent level of quality and timeliness for its call center, correspondence services and transaction processing.

  • Product Quality Borrower agrees to maintain the quality of any and all products in connection with which the Trademarks are used, consistent with commercially reasonable business practices. Upon the occurrence of an Event of Default, Borrower agrees that Lender, or a conservator appointed by Lender, shall have the right to establish such additional product quality controls as Lender, or said conservator, in its reasonable judgment, may deem necessary to assure maintenance of the quality of products sold by Borrower under the Trademarks.

  • Quality All products will be new and unused. All products provided by the Contractor must meet all federal, state, and local standards for quality and safety requirements. Products not meeting the requirements of this section will be deemed unacceptable and returned to the Contractor for credit at no charge to the State.

  • Power Quality Neither the facilities of Developer nor the facilities of Connecting Transmission Owner shall cause excessive voltage flicker nor introduce excessive distortion to the sinusoidal voltage or current waves as defined by ANSI Standard C84.1-1989, in accordance with IEEE Standard 519, or any applicable superseding electric industry standard. In the event of a conflict between ANSI Standard C84.1-1989, or any applicable superseding electric industry standard, ANSI Standard C84.1-1989, or the applicable superseding electric industry standard, shall control.

  • Water Quality Company will be responsible for maintaining the condition of the swimming pool water within the tolerances of the American Public Health Association and the local health department while pool is open to swimmers.  Free Chlorine 3.0 to 10.0 ppm  pH 7.2 to 7.8  Total Alkalinity 80 to 120 ppm  Calcium Hardness 200 to 300 ppm  Chlorine Stabilizer less than 100 ppm At no time will the water chemistry cause a failure of permission to operate the pool granted by local health departments. In the event the local health department revokes permission to operate the pool due to poor water chemistry, Customer shall be entitled to a partial refund of the contract price set forth herein computed by the following formula: Number of days (or hours) closed times the average daily portion of the contract price (total price divided by number of days (or hours) pool is to be in operation as determined by this Agreement). If, in the discretion of the Company, it is determined that the water quality is insufficient to properly operate the pool, the Company shall have the right to close the pool for such period of time as shall be necessary to correct the water quality. Any such closing shall entitle Customer to a refund in accordance with the formula stated above. All of the foregoing notwithstanding however, the Company shall be excused from maintaining water quality as established herein and the Customer shall be entitled to no refund in the event of any Act of God, mechanical/electrical equipment failure, repairs, interference by Customer, together with any and all other reasons beyond the control of Company (including fecal and vomit contamination). Any work performed by Company shall be subject to the conditions in the “Repair Work” provision of this Agreement.

  • Technology Research Analyst Job# 1810 General Characteristics Maintains a strong understanding of the enterprise’s IT systems and architectures. Assists in the analysis of the requirements for the enterprise and applying emerging technologies to support long-term business objectives. Responsible for researching, collecting, and disseminating information on emerging technologies and key learnings throughout the enterprise. Researches and recommends changes to foundation architecture. Supports research projects to identify and evaluate emerging technologies. Interfaces with users and staff to evaluate possible implementation of the new technology in the enterprise, consistent with the goal of improving existing systems and technologies and in meeting the needs of the business. Analyzes and researches process of deployment and assists in this process.

  • Research Analyst Independence The Company acknowledges that the Underwriters’ research analysts and research departments are required to be independent from their respective investment banking divisions and are subject to certain regulations and internal policies, and that such Underwriters’ research analysts may hold views and make statements or investment recommendations and/or publish research reports with respect to the Company and/or the offering that differ from the views of their respective investment banking divisions. The Company hereby waives and releases, to the fullest extent permitted by law, any claims that the Company may have against the Underwriters with respect to any conflict of interest that may arise from the fact that the views expressed by their independent research analysts and research departments may be different from or inconsistent with the views or advice communicated to the Company by such Underwriters’ investment banking divisions. The Company acknowledges that each of the Underwriters is a full service securities firm and as such from time to time, subject to applicable securities laws, may effect transactions for its own account or the account of its customers and hold long or short positions in debt or equity securities of the companies that may be the subject of the transactions contemplated by this Agreement.

  • Evaluation Software If the Software is an evaluation version or is provided to You for evaluation purposes, then, unless otherwise approved in writing by an authorized representative of Licensor, Your license to use the Software is limited solely for internal evaluation purposes in non-production use and in accordance with the terms of the evaluation offering under which You received the Software, and expires 90 days from installation (or such other period as may be indicated within the Software). Upon expiration of the evaluation period, You must discontinue use of the Software, return to an original state any actions performed by the Software, and delete the Software entirely from Your system and You may not download the Software again unless approved in writing by an authorized representative of Licensor. The Software may contain an automatic disabling mechanism that prevents its use after a certain period of time. RESTRICTIONS

  • Air Quality To the extent applicable, Consultant must fully comply with all applicable laws, rules and regulations in furnishing or using equipment and/or providing services, including, but not limited to, emissions limits and permitting requirements imposed by the South Coast Air Quality Management District (SCAQMD) and/or California Air Resources Board (CARB). Although the SCAQMD and CARB limits and requirements are more broad, Consultant shall specifically be aware of their application to "portable equipment", which definition is considered by SCAQMD and CARB to include any item of equipment with a fuel-powered engine. Consultant shall indemnify City against any fines or penalties imposed by SCAQMD, CARB, or any other governmental or regulatory agency for violations of applicable laws, rules and/or regulations by Consultant, its subconsultants, or others for whom Consultant is responsible under its indemnity obligations provided for in this Agreement.