Artist Sample Clauses

Artist. The term "Artist" shall refer to and include all persons who are engaged by the Theatre under CTA Engagement Contracts including: Actors and other Performers; Production Stage Managers; Stage Managers; Assistant Stage Managers; Directors; Assistant Directors; Fight Directors; Intimacy Directors; Choreographers; Assistant Choreographers; Dance Captains; Fight Captains; Intimacy Captains.
Artist. 2.1 The Artist must be aged 18 years or over and an Australian Resident as at 5.00pm (AWST) on the Closing Date. For the avoidance of any doubt, the Artist may comprise one or more persons, all of whom must be Australian Residents aged 18 years or over.
Artist. The term "Artist" shall refer to and include all persons who are members of Equity.
Artist. “Artist” means, collectively, Xxxxx Xxxxx and Xxxxx Creative Enterprises,
Artist. The term “Artist” shall refer to and include all persons signed to COA Engagement Contracts pursuant to this Agreement .
Artist. 2.1 The Artist must be an Australian Resident and:‌
Artist. Artist’s obligations under this Agreement, including the obligation to convey the Work to City, are, at Artist’s option, subject to the satisfaction of the following condition: City having performed all obligations,covenants, and agreements to be performed as set forth in this Agreement.
Artist. Artist agrees to use best efforts to assist GRC in connection with the creation and development of the Product.
Artist. The term
Artist. The musical group or recording artist whose performances are embodied in the Assets is “I Love Memphis”. Schedule B: Anticipated Fees SongVest will add a fee of 15% of the Purchase Price that will be added to obtain the final offering price. EXHIBIT A ______________ _____________, 2021 __________ ___________ Re: Notice of Assignment of Income Gentlepersons: Reference is made to the Producer Royalty Option Agreement between ________________, individually, and on behalf of any affiliate of himself (collectively, “Seller”), and SongVest, Inc. (“Purchaser”), effectively dated ____________ __, 2021, a copy of which is attached hereto (the “Assignment”). Capitalized terms used herein which are not defined herein shall have the meanings ascribed thereto in the Assignment. As evidenced by the Assignment, Purchaser acquired from Seller, throughout the world, the exclusive right to receive and collect Seller’s share of royalties from the Masters (and other Assets) accrued and unpaid and hereafter accruing (the “Assigned Royalties”). Accordingly, from and after ________ __, 2021, you are to remit all of the Assigned Royalties, regardless of when earned, to Purchaser, and send them along with any corresponding statements, notices and correspondence to: SongVest, Inc. ________________________________. Please confirm your receipt of this notice. Very truly yours, EXHIBIT A-1 NOTICE TO MASTER OWNER Dated: _____________, 2021 ________________ ________________ ________________ Gentlepersons: Please be advised that effective as of ___________________, 2021 (“Effective Date”), I have assigned to SongVest, Inc. (“Purchaser”) one hundred percent (100%) of my “Producer Royalties” (as defined below). Accordingly, as of the Effective Date, Purchaser shall own one hundred percent (100%) of the Producer Royalties (“Assigned Royalties”).