ARBITRATION 9.1 Notification Sample Clauses

ARBITRATION 9.1 Notification. Pursuant to Article 8.4, the Union Area Representative may submit a grievance to arbitration within thirty (30) days of the date of receipt of the Employer's Step 2 response or of the date it was due by giving notice to the management of Absolute Traffic Control Ltd. of the Union's intent to arbitrate. 9.2 Pre-arbitration MeetingThe President of the Company or his/her designate shall meet with the Union Representative within fifteen (15) days of the receipt of the Union's notice of intent to arbitrate. The Parties will attempt to resolve the grievance, or alternatively explore common ground respecting the matter, and agree upon an Arbitrator as selected from the following list: Barbara Bluman Judy Korbin Lynn Smith Donna Gillis Selection will be done on a rotational basis, according to availability. 9.3 Decision of the ArbitratorThe decision of the Arbitrator shall be final, binding, and enforceable on the Parties. The Arbitrator shall have the power to dispose of a grievance by any arrangement deemed just and equitable. However, the Arbitrator shall not have the power to change this Agreement by altering, modifying or amending any provision. 9.4 Time Limit for DecisionAn Arbitrator shall render a written decision to the Parties within thirty (30) calendar days of the date the arbitration hearing is concluded. This time period may be altered by consent of the Parties. 9.5 CostsThe Parties to this Agreement shall jointly bear the cost of the Arbitrator and each of the Parties shall bear the cost of its own representatives and witnesses. 9.6 Expedited ArbitrationNotwithstanding the foregoing, the Parties agree to utilize the mediation provisions of the relevant labour Act as an alternative dispute-resolving mechanism on a mediation/arbitration basis. 9.7 Amending Time LimitsThe time limits fixed in the arbitration procedure may be altered by mutual consent of the Parties, but the same must be in writing.