Approved Expenditure Sample Clauses

Approved Expenditure. Make any Approved Expenditure or any other expenditure with respect to the development of the Goodland Project or the Mortgaged Property prior to the termination of the Redemption Period.
Approved Expenditure. 7.4 The Partners may only depart from the Permitted Budget with the express agreement of the Integrated Commissioning Board.

Related to Approved Expenditure

Excluded Expenditures The Recipient undertakes that the proceeds of the Financing shall not be used to finance Excluded Expenditures. If the Association determines at any time that an amount of the Financing was used to make a payment for an Excluded Expenditure, the Recipient shall, promptly upon notice from the Association, refund an amount equal to the amount of such payment to the Association. Amounts refunded to the Association upon such request shall be cancelled.
Capital Expenditure Make or incur any Capital Expenditure if, after giving effect thereto, the aggregate amount of all Capital Expenditures by Borrower in any fiscal year would exceed the amount set forth on the Schedule;
Capital Expenditures The Issuer shall not make any expenditure (by long-term or operating lease or otherwise) for capital assets (either realty or personalty).
Capital Expenditures, etc The Borrower will not, and will not permit any of its Subsidiaries to, make or commit to make Capital Expenditures in any Fiscal Year, except Capital Expenditures which do not aggregate in any Fiscal Year in excess of $45,000,000 plus an amount equal to the lesser of (x) $5,000,000 and (y) 4% of revenues acquired from Investments made pursuant to clause (h) of Section 7.2.6 (net of revenues divested); provided, however, that (i) the amount of Capital Expenditures permitted to be made in the 1998 Fiscal Year shall not include Capital Expenditures made in respect of repurchase obligations under lease and sale-leaseback arrangements in an amount not to exceed $40,000,000, (ii) to the extent the amount of Capital Expenditures permitted to be made in any Fiscal Year pursuant to this Section (other than clause (i) above) exceeds the aggregate amount of Capital Expenditures actually made during such Fiscal Year, up to 100% of such excess amount may be carried forward to (but only to) the next succeeding Fiscal Year (any such amount to be certified by the Borrower to the Agents in the Compliance Certificate delivered for the last Fiscal Quarter of such Fiscal Year, and any such amount carried forward to a succeeding Fiscal Year shall be deemed to be used after the Borrower and its Subsidiaries use the amount of Capital Expenditures permitted by this Section without giving effect to such carry-forward) and (iii) the amount of Capital Expenditures permitted to be made from Net Cash Proceeds of Asset Sales pursuant to clause (A)(ii) of Section 7.2.12 (without duplication of Investments permitted as Capital Expenditures pursuant to clause (h) of Section 7.2.6) or Section 7.2.15 shall not be included for purposes of calculating compliance with this Section 7.2.8.
Eligible expenditure 6.1 Eligible expenditure consists of payments by the Recipient for the Purpose. Eligible expenditure is net of VAT recoverable by the Recipient from HM Revenue & Customs and gross of irrecoverable VAT.
Capital Budget Any amendment that is mutually agreed upon shall be set forth in writing and signed by both parties. It is acknowledged by Owner that capital expenditures required as a result of an emergency situation shall not reduce amounts available pursuant to the Capital Budget or otherwise hereunder, other than to the extent a Capital Budget item is subsumed within the capital expenditures required as a result of the occurrence of the emergency;
Expenditure Limit The Contractor shall notify the County of Orange assigned Deputy Purchasing Agent in writing when the expenditures against the Contract reach 75 percent of the dollar limit on the Contract. The County will not be responsible for any expenditure overruns and will not pay for work exceeding the dollar limit on the Contract unless a change order to cover those costs has been issued.
Expenditures The Assuming Institution will pay such bills and invoices on behalf of the Receiver and the Corporation as the Receiver or the Corporation may direct for the period beginning on the date of the Bank Closing Date and ending on Settlement Date. The Assuming Institution shall submit its requests for reimbursement of such expenditures pursuant to Article VIII of this Agreement.
Approved Budget 3.1.2. Written detailed description of the Project;
Maximum Capital Expenditures Holdings and its Subsidiaries on a consolidated basis shall not make Capital Expenditures during the following periods that exceed in the aggregate the amounts set forth opposite each of such periods: Period Maximum Capital Expenditures per Period Fiscal Year 2003; $ 18,000,000 Fiscal Year 2004; $ 17,000,000 Fiscal Year 2005; $ 17,000,000 Fiscal Year 2006; $ 18,000,000 Fiscal Year 2007; $ 18,000,000 Fiscal Year 2008; $ 18,000,000 ; provided, however, that the amount of permitted Capital Expenditures referenced above will be increased in any period by the positive amount equal to the lesser of (i) 50% of the amount of permitted Capital Expenditures for the immediately prior period, and (ii) the amount (if any), equal to the difference obtained by taking the Capital Expenditures limit specified above for the immediately prior period minus the actual amount of any Capital Expenditures expended during such prior period (the “Carry Over Amount”), and for purposes of measuring compliance herewith, the Carry Over Amount shall be deemed to be the last amount spent on Capital Expenditures in that succeeding year; provided, further, that the amount of Capital Expenditures for Fiscal Year 2003 and Fiscal Year 2004 shall not include up to $5,500,000 of Capital Expenditures made in connection with the expansion of the real property located in Denton, Texas to the extent financed with a Capital Lease.