Approval of the Commission Sample Clauses

Approval of the Commission. 22. This Agreement does not take effect without the prior approval of the Alaska Public Utilities Commission and is at all times subject to revisions by the Commission. SECTION 23. DEFINITIONS The following terms, when used in the Agreement and Exhibits hereto, shall have the meanings specified. 23(a).
Approval of the Commission. It is specifically understood and agreed by Purchaser and Seller that the Closing shall be in all respects subject to the receipt of prior consent from the Commission. Purchaser shall prepare and submit for filing with the Commission the requisite applications and other necessary instruments or documents requesting the consent of the Commission, including, without limitation, a statement on Form U- 1 filed pursuant to the Public Utility Holding Company Act of 1935 and the rules and regulations promulgated pursuant thereto. After such applications and documents have been submitted for filing with the Commission, Purchaser and, upon Purchaser's request and at Purchaser's expense, Seller, shall process such applications with all reasonable diligence and take all reasonable steps necessary to obtain the requisite consent of the Commission.
Approval of the Commission. In addition to other governmental actions or approvals which may be required on the part of the City, the obligations of the City and Developer contained herein, are specifically conditioned on the Commission: (i) completing the expansion of the Jefferson-Illinois Economic Development Area to include the Hotel Site; and
Approval of the Commission. This Agreement is subject to approval by the Commission as set forth in Paragraph 2 of this Agreement, and the Parties recognize that provisions of this Agreement pertaining to the Proposed Modified Buildout Terms contained in Exhibit A hereto will not become effective as to or binding upon the Commission until the occurrence of the Modification Date provided, however, that notwithstanding anything else in this Paragraph or in Paragraph 2 of this Agreement, the Chair of the Commission, on behalf of the Commission, will be bound by the terms and conditions of Paragraphs 3, 5, 8(b), and 10 of this Agreement as of the Effective Date.