Apprentices (Except Concrete Pump Trainees Sample Clauses

Apprentices (Except Concrete Pump Trainees a) (i) Indentured Apprentices (except Tower Crane Apprentices) shall be paid in accordance with the following schedule: 0 to 2,000 hours worked — 50% of Licensed Journeyman Base Rate 2,001 to 4,000 hours worked — 65% of Licensed Journeyman Base Rate 4,001 to 6,000 hours worked — 80% of Licensed Journeyman Base Rate The trustees of the Operating Engineers Training Institute of Ontario shall determine at its sole discretion the length of term, the qualifications required to progress to the next term and the scheduling of in-school training, and such judgment shall not be made the subject of a grievance.

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  • Apprentices and trainees a. Apprentices (programs of the USDOL). Apprentices will be permitted to work at less than the predetermined rate for the work they performed when they are employed pursuant to and individually registered in a bona fide apprenticeship program registered with the U.S. Department of Labor, Employment and Training Administration, Office of Apprenticeship Training, Employer and Labor Services, or with a State Apprenticeship Agency recognized by the Office, or if a person is employed in his or her first 90 days of probationary employment as an apprentice in such an apprenticeship program, who is not individually registered in the program, but who has been certified by the Office of Apprenticeship Training, Employer and Labor Services or a State Apprenticeship Agency (where appropriate) to be eligible for probationary employment as an apprentice. The allowable ratio of apprentices to journeymen on the job site in any craft classification shall not be greater than the ratio permitted to the contractor as to the entire work force under the registered program. Any worker listed on a payroll at an apprentice wage rate, who is not registered or otherwise employed as stated above, shall be paid not less than the applicable wage rate on the wage determination for the classification of work actually performed. In addition, any apprentice performing work on the job site in excess of the ratio permitted under the registered program shall be paid not less than the applicable wage rate on the wage determination for the work actually performed. Where a contractor is performing construction on a project in a locality other than that in which its program is registered, the ratios and wage rates (expressed in percentages of the journeyman's hourly rate) specified in the contractor's or subcontractor's registered program shall be observed. Every apprentice must be paid at not less than the rate specified in the registered program for the apprentice's level of progress, expressed as a percentage of the journeymen hourly rate specified in the applicable wage determination. Apprentices shall be paid fringe benefits in accordance with the provisions of the apprenticeship program. If the apprenticeship program does not specify fringe benefits, apprentices must be paid the full amount of fringe benefits listed on the wage determination for the applicable classification. If the Administrator determines that a different practice prevails for the applicable apprentice classification, fringes shall be paid in accordance with that determination. In the event the Office of Apprenticeship Training, Employer and Labor Services, or a State Apprenticeship Agency recognized by the Office, withdraws approval of an apprenticeship program, the contractor will no longer be permitted to utilize apprentices at less than the applicable predetermined rate for the work performed until an acceptable program is approved.

  • APPRENTICES 6.36.1 The Contractor acknowledges and agrees that, if this Contract involves a dollar amount greater than or a number of working days greater than that specified in Labor Code Section 1777.5, this Contract is governed by the provisions of Labor Code Section 1777.5. It shall be the responsibility of the Contractor to ensure compliance with this Article and with Labor Code Section 1777.5 for all apprenticeable occupations.

  • Apprentice Individual employed for the purpose of learning all the details, and developing manual skill for performing, after a stated number of years training, all the duties of Journeyman as commonly accepted in the trade.

  • Destination CSU-Pueblo scholarship This articulation transfer agreement replaces all previous agreements between FRCC and CSU-Pueblo in Bachelor of Art in Music Education. This agreement will be reviewed annually and revised (if necessary) as mutually agreed.

  • Apprenticeship Requirements The Contractor shall comply with Section 230.1(A), California Code of Regulations as required by the Department of Industrial Relations, Division of Apprenticeship Standards by submitting DAS Form to the Joint Apprenticeship Committee of the craft or trade in the area of the site.

  • Information Technology Enterprise Architecture Requirements If this Contract involves information technology-related products or services, the Contractor agrees that any such products or services are compatible with the technology standards, including the assistive technology standard, all found at xxxxx:// The State may terminate this Contract for default if the terms of this paragraph are breached.

  • Volunteer Firefighting Leave Leave without pay will be granted when an employee who is a volunteer firefighter is called to duty to respond to a fire, natural disaster or medical emergency.

  • Procedures for Providing NP Through Full NXX Code Migration Where a Party has activated an entire NXX for a single Customer, or activated at least eighty percent (80%) of an NXX for a single Customer, with the remaining numbers in that NXX either reserved for future use by that Customer or otherwise unused, if such Customer chooses to receive Telephone Exchange Service from the other Party, the first Party shall cooperate with the second Party to have the entire NXX reassigned in the LERG (and associated industry databases, routing tables, etc.) to an End Office operated by the second Party. Such transfer will be accomplished with appropriate coordination between the Parties and subject to appropriate industry lead times for movements of NXXs from one switch to another. Neither Party shall charge the other in connection with this coordinated transfer.

  • Vlastnictví Zdravotnické zařízení si ponechá a bude uchovávat Zdravotní záznamy. Zdravotnické zařízení a Zkoušející převedou na Zadavatele veškerá svá práva, nároky a tituly, včetně práv duševního vlastnictví k Důvěrným informacím (ve smyslu níže uvedeném) a k jakýmkoli jiným Studijním datům a údajům.

  • STUDENTS AND APPRENTICES 1. Payments which a student or business apprentice who is or was immediately before visiting a Contracting State a resident of the other Contracting State and who is present in the first-mentioned State solely for the purpose of his education or training receives for the purpose of his maintenance, education or training shall not be taxed in that State, provided that such payments arise from sources outside that State.