Application of Extraordinary Receipts Sample Clauses

Application of Extraordinary Receipts. The Parent shall and shall cause each of its Subsidiaries to use the proceeds of any Extraordinary Receipt or Net Cash Proceeds in accordance with the terms of this Agreement.

Related to Application of Extraordinary Receipts

  • Extraordinary Receipts Within 1 Business Day of the date of receipt by Borrower or any of its Subsidiaries of any Extraordinary Receipts, Borrower shall prepay the outstanding principal amount of the Obligations in accordance with Section 2.4(f)(ii) in an amount equal to 100% of such Extraordinary Receipts, net of any reasonable expenses incurred in collecting such Extraordinary Receipts.

  • Application of Sale Proceeds In the event of a sale of Shares, the proceeds shall first be applied to the payment of the expenses of the sale, including brokers' commissions, counsel fees, any taxes or other charges imposed by law upon the Shares or the transfer thereof and all other charges paid or incurred by Pledgee pertaining to the sale; and, second, to satisfy outstanding Obligations, in the order in which Pledgee elects in its sole discretion; and, third, the surplus (if any) shall be paid to Pledgor.

  • Application of Monies All monies received or recovered by the Collateral Agent or any Receiver pursuant to this Debenture or the powers conferred by it shall (subject to the claims of any person having prior rights thereto and by way of variation of the provisions of the Law of Property Act 1925) be applied in accordance with Section 2.01 of the First Lien Intercreditor Agreement.

  • Offer to Purchase by Application of Excess Proceeds In the event that, pursuant to Section 4.10 hereof, the Company is required to commence an offer to all Holders to purchase Notes (an “Asset Sale Offer”), it will follow the procedures specified below. The Asset Sale Offer shall be made to all Holders and all holders of other Indebtedness that is pari passu with the Notes containing provisions similar to those set forth in this Indenture with respect to offers to purchase or redeem with the proceeds of sales of assets. The Asset Sale Offer will remain open for a period of at least 20 Business Days following its commencement and not more than 30 Business Days, except to the extent that a longer period is required by applicable law (the “Offer Period”). No later than five Business Days after the termination of the Offer Period (the “Purchase Date”), the Company will apply all Excess Proceeds (the “Offer Amount”) to the purchase of Notes and such other pari passu Indebtedness (on a pro rata basis, if applicable) or, if less than the Offer Amount has been tendered, all Notes and other Indebtedness tendered in response to the Asset Sale Offer. Payment for any Notes so purchased will be made in the same manner as interest payments are made. If the Purchase Date is on or after an interest record date and on or before the related interest payment date, any accrued and unpaid interest and Additional Amounts, if any, will be paid to the Person in whose name a Note is registered at the close of business on such record date, and no additional interest will be payable to Holders who tender Notes pursuant to the Asset Sale Offer. Upon the commencement of an Asset Sale Offer, the Company will send, by first class mail, a notice to the Trustee and each of the Holders, with a copy to the Trustee. The notice will contain all instructions and materials necessary to enable such Holders to tender Notes pursuant to the Asset Sale Offer. The notice, which will govern the terms of the Asset Sale Offer, will state:

  • Application of Receipts Except as expressly stated to the contrary in any Finance Document, any moneys which the Facility Agent receives or recovers in its capacity as Facility Agent shall be applied by the Facility Agent in accordance with Clause 34.5 (Application of receipts; partial payments).

  • Application of Moneys Received upon Sale Any moneys collected by the Trustee upon any sale made either under the power of sale given by this Agreement or otherwise for the enforcement of this Agreement shall be applied as provided in Section 4.02.

  • Distribution of Collateral Proceeds In the event that, following the occurrence and during the continuance of any Event of Default, any monies are received in connection with the enforcement of any of the Loan Documents, or otherwise with respect to the realization upon any of the Collateral or other assets of the Borrower or the Guarantors, such monies shall be distributed for application as follows:

  • Application of Mandatory Prepayments All amounts required to be paid pursuant to this Section 2.05(b) shall be applied as follows:

  • Offers to Repurchase by Application of Excess Proceeds (a) In the event that, pursuant to Section 4.10 hereof, the Issuer shall be required to commence an Asset Sale Offer, it shall follow the procedures specified below.

  • Application of Collateral Proceeds The proceeds and/or avails of the Collateral, or any part thereof, and the proceeds and the avails of any remedy hereunder (as well as any other amounts of any kind held by Secured Party at the time of, or received by Secured Party after, the occurrence of an Event of Default) shall be paid to and applied as follows: