Anti Complement Opportunity Sample Clauses

Anti-Complement Opportunity. Complement targets are biologically & clinically validated –, KO mice studies –, Human genetics –, Approved drug (Soliris®) for PNH & aHUS; –, Positive P2 data for Dry Age-Related Macular Degeneration (AMD) – Geographic Atrophy (GA) , Multiple acute indications mediated by complement driven ischemia reperfusion injury –, Transplant rejection: Initial indication – anti-C3 to prevent Renal Delayed Graft Function (DGF) –, Cardiovascular: CABG, MI & Stroke (label expansion potential for a DGF drug) , Chronic indications –, Ocular: Initial indication – anti-C3 (ocular) to slow the progression of GA in Dry AMD –, Asthma –, Autoimmune