Annual LeaveArticle 40º. Common regulations Sample Clauses

Annual LeaveArticle 40º. Common regulations. All employees to whom this Agreement is applicable shall be entitled to one month of paid leave per full year of active service, preferably taken in summer, taking into account the characteristics of the Centre and the personal situations of each employee; or to the corresponding proportional number of days’ leave, if the time worked were less than a full year. All staff in schools to which this Agreement is applicable shall be entitled to five days of annual leave taken on days recorded as working days on the official calendar established at regional level by the competent employment authority, preferably taken during the summer period where possible and always guaranteeing it does not interfere with the proper operation of the school. Article 41º. Annual leave of non-teaching staff Non-teaching staff, in all Schools included in the scope of this Agreement, shall be entitled to enjoy six calendar days of annual leave during Easter week, and eight calendar days during Christmas. These days shall be taken consecutively, although the Schools may establish alternating shifts bet- ween the staff in order to maintain services ongoing. A further three working days’ leave shall be allocated by the School Head. Article 42º. Annual leave of teaching staff All teaching staff shall be entitled to the same holidays as the students at Easter and Christmas. 50% of the teaching staff to whom this Agreement is applicable shall have two more weeks’ holidays over the summer period, established in alternating shifts by the employer according to the needs of the School. 29Schools offering summer courses or boarding are excluded from this obligation. In compensation, the other 50% of the staff at these Centres shall receive a single salary bonus of 35% in their gross wages, paid in one monthly instalment. This bonus shall be paid on an alternating basis to 50% of the staff in the first year and the other 50% in the 2nd year, and so forth. Should the School Head deem that the School does not need 50% of the teaching staff, the surplus shall be granted two weeks’ annual leave without the aforementioned 35% salary bonus entitlement.
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