ANNUAL EVALUATION SUMMARY FORM. PERIOD OF REPORT (if other than annual) FROM: TO: NAME RANK AND POSITION COLLEGE / UNIT DEPARTMENT / UNIT Evaluator’s Name and Position PERFORMANCE OF DUTIES Indicate evaluation by placing an “x” in the appropriate column for each category below. In the “Overall Performancesection, rate the faculty member’s overall performance in fulfilling his or her responsibilities to the University. Average AOR Percentage is based on the annual assignment of responsibilities (9-month assignment for 9-month faculty). The annual evaluation shall include evaluation of summer activities for 9-month faculty if there is a summer assignment. CATEGORY Average AOR Percentage Substantially Exceeds High Expectations Exceeds High Expectations Meets Expectations Does NotMeet Expectation Substantially Does Not Meet Expectations Not Observed TEACHING RESEARCH AND OTHER CREATIVE ACTIVITY SERVICE OTHER SPOKEN ENGLISH COMPETENCY* OVERALL PERFORMANCE** The evaluator’s narrative explanation of overall performance must be attached. The evaluator should receive input from both students and faculty in preparing this report. If for any reason such input is unavailable, the report should indicate why and what alternative methods have been used. Has this rating been discussed with this faculty member?  Yes  No (attach explanation) Signature of Evaluator Date: Signature of Faculty Member Date: Number of pages attached to report: Signature of Academic Dean/Director Date: * If “Does Not Meet High Expectations” is noted in Spoken English Competency, options for remediation should be communicated in writing as an addendum to this form. A copy of the form with the addendum should be forwarded through the dean to the Provost. ** If “Overall Performance” is rated as “Does Not Meet High Expectations,” this report must be forwarded with the appropriate recommendations for improvement (including a Performance Improvement Plan, if applicable) to the Provost and the President. Signature of the Provost Date Signature of the President Date APPENDIX H FLORIDA A & M UNIVERSITY AND UNITED FACULTY OF FLORIDA EXCLUSIVE ASSIGNMENT DISPUTE RESOLUTION PROCEDURE


  • Annual Evaluation On or about March 1st of each year during the term of this Agreement, the Board shall review the performance of the District Superintendent for the previous year by utilizing the evaluation instrument annexed hereto as Exhibit “A”. The annual performance review of the Board shall be based upon the success in attaining the goals established by the Board and District Superintendent each year in July, and such other criteria as is set forth in the evaluation instrument. The evaluation shall be reduced to written form and presented to the District Superintendent with periodic opportunities to discuss District Superintendent-Board relationships. Upon the mutual agreement of the parties, the evaluation instrument may be modified for subsequent evaluations. The Board shall also devote a portion of one meeting during the month of December to a general discussion, in executive session, for a general discussion with respect to the District Superintendent’s performance and his working relationship with the Board. The performance evaluation prepared pursuant to this section shall be confidential, and the confidentiality of such evaluation shall be maintained by the Board and the individual members of the Board.

  • Performance Evaluation At the end of the contract, City may evaluate Contractor’s performance. Any such evaluation will become public record.

  • Performance Evaluations Every employee shall receive a performance evaluation annually by the employee’s eligibility date. The employee’s performance shall be evaluated by the immediate supervisor. The supervisor shall discuss the performance evaluation with the employee. The employee shall have the opportunity to provide his/her comments to be attached to the performance evaluation. The employee shall sign the evaluation and that signature shall only indicate that the employee has read the evaluation. A copy shall be provided the employee at this time. If there are any changes or recommendations to be made in the evaluation after the supervisor has discussed it with the employee, the evaluation shall be returned to the supervisor for discussion with the employee before these changes are made. The employee shall have the opportunity to comment on these changes. The employee shall sign the new evaluation and that signature shall only indicate that the employee has read the evaluation. A copy shall be provided the employee at this time. All written comments provided by the employee within sixty (60) calendar days of the evaluation shall be attached to the performance evaluation. Performance evaluations are not grievable or arbitrable under this Agreement. They shall not be used for purposes of disciplinary action or layoff. They also shall not be used as evidence by either party in grievance or arbitration cases, except in the case of denial of annual performance pay increases. If an employee receives less than a satisfactory evaluation, the Employer agrees to meet with the employee within thirty (30) calendar days of the evaluation to review, in detail, the alleged deficiencies. Recognizing the value of a participatory performance evaluation process, supervisors are encouraged to provide an opportunity for employees to provide input to the annual evaluation prior to the supervisor completing the evaluation.

  • Program Evaluation Pursuant to the Contribution Agreement, ECCC may also conduct an evaluation of the Project and related Program activities by NCC and the Land Trust. The evaluation would address issues related to the relevance and performance (i.e. effectiveness, efficiency and economy) of the Program as delivered by the NCC and the Land Trust and would address the performance of NCC and the Land Trust in achieving the outcomes identified in this Agreement. The Land Trust shall keep and provide the appropriate records and information to conduct such evaluation and cooperate with NCC and ECCC evaluators. The Land Trust agrees that such evaluation reports may be produced and made public.

  • JOC EVALUATION If any materials being utilized for a project cannot be found in the RS Means Price Book, this question is what is the markup percentage on those materials? When answering this question please insert the number that represents your percentage of proposed markup. Example: if you are proposing a 30 percent markup, please insert the number "30". Remember that this is a ceiling markup. You may markup a lesser percentage to the TIPS Member customer when pricing the project, but not a greater percentage. EXAMPLE: You need special materials that are not in the RS Means Unit Price Book for a project. You would buy the materials and mark them up to the TIPS Member customer by the percentage you propose in this question. If the materials cost you, the contractor, $100 and you proposed a markup on this question for the material of 30 percent, then you would charge the TIPS Member customer $130 for the materials. No response TIPS/ESC Region 8 is required by Texas Government Code § 791 to be compensated for its work and thus, failure to agree shall render your response void and it will not be considered. Yes - No Vendor agrees to remit to TIPS the required administration fee or, if resellers are named, guarantee the fee remittance by or for the reseller named by the vendor?

  • JOB EVALUATION (a) The Employer shall not introduce a job evaluation plan, or alter or amend the Joint Job Evaluation Plan, without prior agreement with the Union.

  • Final Evaluation IC must submit a final report and a project evaluation to the Arts Commission within thirty (30) days after the completion of the Services. Any and all unexpended funds from IC must be returned to City no later than sixty (60) days after the completion of the Services.

  • Minimum scope of coverage Commercial general coverage shall be at least as broad as Insurance Services Office Commercial General Liability occurrence form CG 0001 (ed. 11/88) or Insurance Services Office form number GL 0002 (ed. 1/73) covering comprehensive General Liability and Insurance Services Office form number GL 0404 covering Broad Form Comprehensive General Liability. Automobile coverage shall be at least as broad as Insurance Services Office Automobile Liability form CA 0001 (ed. 12/90) Code 1 (“any auto”). No endorsement shall be attached limiting the coverage.

  • Placement on Salary Schedule The following rules shall be applicable in determining placement of a teacher on the appropriate salary schedule:

  • SCHEDULE FOR PERFORMANCE REVIEWS 8.1 The performance of each Employee in relation to his/her performance agreement shall be reviewed on the following dates with the understanding that reviews in the first and third quarter may be verbal if performance is satisfactory: