Annual Annuity Sample Clauses

Annual Annuity. Equivalent for a 401(k) plan or other defined contribution plan shall be equal to the annual benefit that would be payable pursuant to a single life annuity with equal annual payments, commencing on the Normal Retirement Age and continuing for the Executive’s life, that could be purchased with the amount assumed to be available for such purchase pursuant to this Section 1.3. The annual benefit payable under such annuity shall be determined as of the Payment Date, using the Agreed-Upon Methodologies. For purposes of this Section 1.3, the amount available for the purchase of said annuity shall be assumed to be the total of: (i) all amounts actually contributed by the employer as matching contributions or other contributions to the defined contribution plan on the Executive’s behalf (which contributions shall not include the so-called “individual contributions” on the Executive’s behalf (it being understood that such “individual” contributions are made by the employer pursuant to a salary reduction agreement with the Executive)), plus (ii) earnings on those contributions. For purposes of calculating any amount of earnings that are to be deemed to have been earned during any future period, such earnings shall be deemed to be equal to the amount which would have been earned if the balance in the account as of such date of calculation had been invested at a 6% rate of interest, compounded annually, until the Normal Retirement Age. Nothing in this Section 1.3 shall require the Executive to actually purchase an annuity or to actually surrender any life insurance contract at retirement.

Related to Annual Annuity

  • Annuity A series of payments We make for life, a definite period or a combination of the two.

  • Survivor Benefit Upon the death of a regular employee who leaves a spouse and/or dependants enrolled in the Medical Services Plan, Dental Plan and Extended Health Benefit Plan, such enrolment may continue for twelve (12) months following the employee’s death, provided the enrolled family members pay the employee’s share of the cost of the premium for the plans. The Employer shall advise the survivor of this benefit.

  • Death Benefit Except as set forth above, there is no death benefit provided under this Agreement.

  • Retirement Benefit Should the Director still be in the Directorship ------------------ of the Association upon attainment of his 70th birthday, the Association will commence to pay him $590 per month for a continuous period of 120 months. In the event that the Director should die after becoming entitled to receive said monthly installments but before any or all of said installments have been paid, the Association will pay or will continue to pay said installments to such beneficiary or beneficiaries as the Director has directed by filing with the Association a notice in writing. In the event of the death of the last named beneficiary before all the unpaid payments have been made, the balance of any amount which remains unpaid at said death shall be commuted on the basis of 6 percent per annum compound interest and shall be paid in a single sum to the executor or administrator of the estate of the last named beneficiary to die. In the absence of any such beneficiary designation, any amount remaining unpaid at the Director's death shall be commuted on the basis of 6 percent per annum compound interest and shall be paid in a single sum to the executor or administrator of the Director's estate.

  • Normal Retirement Benefit Upon Termination of Employment on or after the Normal Retirement Age for reasons other than death, the Company shall pay to the Executive the benefit described in this Section 2.1 in lieu of any other benefit under this Agreement.

  • Annual Discretionary Bonus Following the end of each fiscal year and subject to the approval of the Board, the Executive may be eligible to receive a discretionary annual retention and performance bonus of 35% of the Executive’s then current Base Salary (the “Target Bonus”), based on the Executive’s performance and the performance of the Company and Nabriva Therapeutics AG during the applicable fiscal year, as determined by the Board in its sole discretion. All annual bonuses, if any, will be payable no later than March 15 of the year following the year in which they are earned. The Executive must be employed on the date of payment in order to be eligible for any annual bonus, except as specifically set forth below.

  • Accrued Benefit An employee who has an accrued benefit under the Financial Security Plan shall retain such accrued benefit under the Plan subject to the current provisions of the Plan.

  • Surviving Spouse The term "Surviving Spouse" shall mean the person, if any, who shall be legally married to the Executive on the date of the Executive's death.

  • Post-Retirement Benefits The present value of the expected cost of post-retirement medical and insurance benefits payable by the Borrower and its Subsidiaries to its employees and former employees, as estimated by the Borrower in accordance with procedures and assumptions deemed reasonable by the Required Lenders is zero.

  • Plan Year The year for the purposes of the plan shall be from September 1 of one year, to August 31, of the following year, or such other years as the parties may agree to.