AND REPORTING Sample Clauses

AND REPORTING. 42.1 The Supplier shall keep written records or diaries of all activities undertaken in the performance of the Work, including details of any variations or additional work and the routine and non-routine events, alarms, faulty units and equipment and other kind of problems as well as the remedial actions taken. The Supplier shall make the records or diaries available for inspection and confirmation by the Purchaser, or any authorised representative of the Purchaser, at any time during the progress of the Work and for a reasonable period thereafter, and at all events, for a minimum period of five (5) years from RFPA for the System.
AND REPORTING. The Employer undertakes to: have completed by an external accounting professional (e.g. Certified Practicing Accountant), audit specialist or employment law specialist, at own expense, audits (Audits) of compliance with applicable Commonwealth workplace laws and instruments, including but not limited to the FW Act, Enterprise Agreement in force at that time and the Modern Award, in respect of pay rates, conditions, payslips and record keeping in relation to all of employees of the Employer during the relevant audit period, according to the following schedule: an Audit of the first complete pay cycle following 1 November 2015 which is to be finalised within 28 days of the last day of the pay cycle; an Audit of the first complete pay cycle following 1 July 2016, which is to be finalised within 28 days of the last day of the pay cycle; ensure that each Audit examines the Employer’s compliance with any wages rate, penalty or allowance increases flowing from the Fair Work Commission Annual Wage Reviews; within seven (7) days of the completion of each Audit, provide the FWO with details of the methodology used to conduct the Audit and a copy of the certified audit report; upon request by FWO, provide within seven (7) days of receiving such request, a copy of all documents provided to the auditor for the purpose of undertaking an Audit; in the event that an Audit discloses contraventions of any applicable Commonwealth workplace laws or instrument, rectify all such contraventions within fourteen (14) days; provide evidence of rectification of all contraventions disclosed by an Audit to the FWO within fourteen (14) days of rectification; Acknowledgements The employer acknowledges that: the FWO may make this Undertaking (including any attachments) available for public inspection, including by posting it to its website at (subject to the FWO taking any necessary steps to redact the names of individuals not party to the Undertaking); the FWO may release a copy of this Undertaking pursuant to any relevant request under the Freedom of Information Xxx 0000 (Cth); the FWO may issue a media release in relation to this Undertaking and from time to time, publicly refer to the Undertaking and its terms; the admissions made in the Undertaking may be relied upon by the FWO in respect of any future decision about enforcement action to be taken in relation to any future non-compliance with Commonwealth workplace relations obligations by the Employer; consisten...
AND REPORTING. The seven and one half (7.5%) payments due under Package 2 shall be made within forty- five (45) business days of the following dates: March 31, June 30, September 30, and December 31, after which time frames the terms and conditions of Article 6.26 (late payment) will apply. The late payment penalty will not apply if such payments are late due to circumstances beyond the CBC’s control and if the AFM VPC is notified. The CFM shall have the right, at reasonable times, to examine the books and records of the CBC insofar as they relate to the distributor’s gross revenue.
AND REPORTING. Within thirty (30) days of the effective date of this Agreement, CDOC shall provide notice to all individuals in its custody of this Agreement and its terms. The notice will be substantially in the form of Exhibit A to this Agreement. CDOC shall create an ASL version of Exhibit A and make it available during staffing meetings with individuals for whom ASL is their primary language, monthly on day hall televisions in day halls where such individuals are housed, upon intake and orientation, and upon request. Within thirty (30) days of the effective date of this Agreement, CDOC will provide Plaintiff with copies of all relevant training materials so that the parties can meet and confer as anticipated by § 10. CDOC shall disclose the following documents and information to Plaintiff and its counsel monthly for the first three months of the term of this Agreement and quarterly thereafter for the period preceding disclosure: a summary of all negotiations and minutes of all meetings with CHP relating to CDOC’s obligations under §3(f) of this Agreement; all ADA grievances filed by the Exemplar Constituents, and CDOC’s responses to those grievances,; all requests for accommodations filed by the Exemplar Constituents, and CDOC’s responses to those requests; logs of all messages sent using the text-based notification system described in § 6(g) of this Agreement, including the date, time, sender, and recipient of such messages; and transcripts of all ASR communications by Exemplar Constituents. If Plaintiff believes that additional information or documents is/are necessary to monitor the implementation of this Agreement or if Defendants believe any of the disclosure requirements in ¶ 14(c) are too burdensome, the parties shall meet and confer to discuss provision or discontinuation of provision of such information or documents. Representatives of CDOC and Plaintiff shall meet monthly for the first three months of the term this agreement, and quarterly thereafter, to discuss the implementation of this Agreement and the needs of DHOH incarcerated people until the end of the term of this Agreement. CDOC shall notify Plaintiff when its implementation of the terms of this agreement is complete. CDOC shall provide such notification no later than one hundred and eighty (180) days after the effective date of this Agreement.


  • Payment and Reporting The royalties due under Section 5.6 shall be paid quarterly, within sixty (60) days after the close of each calendar quarter, or earlier if possible (i.e., on or before the last day of each of the months of May, August, November and February) immediately following each quarterly period of each year in which such royalties are owed. With each such quarterly payment, the payor shall furnish the payee a royalty statement (the "Royalty Statement"), setting forth on a country-by-country basis the total number of units of each Product made, used and/or sold hereunder for the quarterly period for which the royalties are due.

  • Records and Reporting The Recordkeeper will maintain and preserve all records as required by law in connection with its provision of services under this Agreement. Upon the reasonable request of the Funds or the Transfer Agent, the Recordkeeper will provide copies of. historical records relating to transactions involving the Trust and Participants; written communications regarding the Trust to or from participants; and other materials relating to the provision of services by the Recordkeeper under this Agreement. The Recordkeeper will comply with any reasonable request for such information and documents made by the Trust, or its board of Trustees or any governmental body or self-regulatory organization. The Recordkeeper agrees that, with respect to the Plans regarding which it is providing services under this Agreement, the Recordkeeper will permit the Trust, the Transfer Agent, or their representatives to have; reasonable access to it personnel and records in order to facilitate the monitoring of the quality of the services provided by the Recordkeeper. Notwithstanding anything herein to the contrary, the Recordkeeper shall not be required to provide the names and addresses of Participants to the Transfer Agent or the Trust, unless applicable law or regulation otherwise requires.

  • Record Keeping and Reporting A. The Consultant or service provider shall maintain accounts and records, including personnel, property, financial, and programmatic records, which sufficiently and properly reflect all direct and indirect costs of any nature expended and services performed pursuant to this Agreement. The Consultant shall also maintain such other records as may be deemed necessary by the City to ensure proper accounting of all funds contributed by the City to the performance of this Agreement.

  • Information and Reporting The Adviser shall provide the Trust and its respective officers with such periodic reports concerning the obligations the Adviser has assumed under this Agreement as the Trust may from time to time reasonably request.

  • Accounting and Reporting 2 6. Claims ..................................................................3 7. Term of this Agreement and Recapture ....................................3 8. Policy Changes, Reductions, Terminations and Reinstatements .............4 9.

  • Inspection and Reporting Each Grantor shall permit the Collateral Agent, or any agent or representatives thereof or such professionals or other Persons as the Collateral Agent may designate, not more than once a year in the absence of an Event of Default, (i) to examine and make copies of and abstracts from such Grantor's records and books of account, (ii) to visit and inspect its properties, (iii) to verify materials, leases, Instruments, Accounts, Inventory and other assets of such Grantor from time to time, (iii) to conduct audits, physical counts, appraisals and/or valuations, examinations at the locations of such Grantor. Each Grantor shall also permit the Collateral Agent, or any agent or representatives thereof or such professionals or other Persons as the Collateral Agent may designate to discuss such Grantor's affairs, finances and accounts with any of its officers subject to the execution by the Collateral Agent or its designee(s) of a mutually agreeable confidentiality agreement.

  • Tax Returns and Reports The Administrative Trustees shall prepare (or cause to be prepared), at the Depositor's expense, and file all United States Federal, state and local tax and information returns and reports required to be filed by or in respect of the Issuer Trust. In this regard, the Administrative Trustees shall (a) prepare and file (or cause to be prepared and filed) all Internal Revenue Service forms required to be filed in respect of the Issuer Trust in each taxable year of the Issuer Trust, and (b) prepare and furnish (or cause to be prepared and furnished) to each Holder all Internal Revenue Service forms required to be provided by the Issuer Trust. The Administrative Trustees shall provide the Depositor and the Property Trustee with a copy of all such returns and reports promptly after such filing or furnishing. The Issuer Trustees shall comply with United States Federal withholding and backup withholding tax laws and information reporting requirements with respect to any payments to Holders under the Trust Securities.

  • Monitoring and Reporting 3.1 The Contractor shall provide workforce monitoring data as detailed in paragraph 3.2 of this Schedule 8. A template for data collected in paragraphs 3.2, 3.3 and 3.4 will be provided by the Authority. Completed templates for the Contractor and each Sub-contractor will be submitted by the Contractor with the Diversity and Equality Delivery Plan within six (6) Months of the Commencement Date and annually thereafter. Contractors are required to provide workforce monitoring data for the workforce involved in delivery of the Contract. Data relating to the wider Contractor workforce and wider Sub-contractors workforce would however be well received by the Authority. Contractors and any Sub-contractors are required to submit percentage figures only in response to paragraphs 3.2(a), 3.2(b) and 3.2(c).