and 2003-2004school years TABLE OF CONTENTS PART A – GENERAL Page Sample Clauses

and 2003-2004school years TABLE OF CONTENTS PART A – GENERAL Page. A.1.0. Purpose of this Agreement 2A.2.0. Recognition 2A.3.0. Definitions 3A.4.0. Term of Agreement 8A.5.0. Application of this Agreement 8A.6.0. Copies of Agreement andSalary Statement 9A.7.0. Prohibitions Against theUse of Sanctions 10A.8.0. Grievance-Arbitration Procedure 10- General Provisions 10- Initiating a Grievance 12- Step A 12- Step B 12- Step C-Arbitration 13A.9.0. Individual Rights 16A.10.0. Amendments 16PART B – SALARYB.1.0. Salary Grids 17B.2.0. Placement on the Salary Grids 17B.3.0. Category Placement 23B.4.0. Salary Grids- Positions of Responsibility 25B.5.0. Allowances for PositionsOf Responsibility 27B.6.0. Allowance forPost-Graduate Degrees 28B.7.0. Special Education Allowances 28B.8.0. Other Allowances 28B.9.0. Holiday and Vacation for12 Month Co-ordinatorsAssistant Co-ordinators 29B.10.0. Calculation of a Day’s Salary 29B.11.0. Method of Payment 29B.12.0. Recovery of Overpayment/Underpayment 30B.13.0. Union Deductions 30 Appendix B-1 32 PART C – EMPLOYEE BENEFITS