Anchor Tenant S.F Sample Clauses

Anchor Tenant S.F. FAC Portfolio SF S.F. ----------------------------------------------- 1 Smithfield 355,758 251,758 104,000 Carolina Pottery 104,000 2 Lake Park 140,025 90,648 49,377 Carolina Pottery 49,377 3 Georgetown 176,615 112,934 63,681 Carolina Pottery 63,681 4 Tri Cities 132,908 71,508 61,400 Carolina Pottery 61,400 5 Nahsville 285,808 261,733 24,075 Reading China 24,075 6 Branson 287,522 209,122 78,400 Reading China 22,560 V.F. Outlet 30,340 Speigel 25,500 7 Boaz 111,909 48,415 63,494 V.F. Outlet 63,494 8 Corsicana 63,605 9,830 53,775 V.F. Outlet 53,775 9 Graceville 83,962 41,505 42,457 V.F. Outlet 42,457 10 Hempstead 63,605 9,830 53,775 V.F. Outlet 53,775 11 Lebanon 83,464 41,386 42,078 V.F. Outlet 42,078 12 Livingston 63,605 9,830 53,775 V.F. Outlet 53,775 13 Mineral Wells 63,609 9,786 53,823 V.F. Outlet 53,823 14 Nebraska City 89,646 36,048 53,598 V.F. Outlet 53,598 15 Story City 112,405 58,621 53,784 V.F. Outlet 53,784 16 Sulphur Springs 84,917 39,549 45,368 V.F. Outlet 45,368 17 Tupelo 66,591 18,933 47,658 V.F. Outlet 47,658 18 Arcadia 89,528 35,881 53,647 V.F. Outlet 53,647 19 Crossville 118,785 69,739 49,046 V.F. Outlet 49,046 20 Carrolton 63,896 9,978 53,918 V.F. Outlet 53,918 21 Draper 185,281 136,779 48,502 V.F. Outlet 48,502 22 Hanson 63,891 9,996 53,895 V.F. Outlet 53,895 23 Iowa 130,753 77,101 53,652 V.F. Outlet 53,652 24 Mesa 167,213 118,954 48,259 V.F. Outlet 48,259 25 Tucson 127,575 66,245 61,330 V.F. Outlet 61,330 26 Union City 60,229 10,323 49,906 V.F. Outlet 49,906 27 West Frankfort 91,063 37,135 53,928 V.F. Outlet 53,928 28 Casa Grande 141,828 116,972 24,856 Westpoint Stevens 24,856 29 Conway 24,740 24,740 0 30 Kittery 24,620 24,620 0 31 Lake George 43,650 43,650 0 32 La Marque 176,071 150,807 25,264 Westpoint Stevens 25,264 33 Las Vegas 229,958 186,355 20,220 Westpoint Stevens 20,220 23,383 V.F. Outlet 23,383 34 North Bend 223,383 197,243 26,140 V.F. Outlet 26,140 35 Vacaville 447,745 421,521 26,224 V.F. Outlet 26,224 ------------ ------------ ---------------- -------------- Total 4,676,163 3,059,475 1,616,688 1,616,688 ============ ============================= ============== SCHEDULE H Initial Allocated Title Amounts (To be drawn) (available) Title Insurance Center Value per cap Weighted % Allocated loan $ Allocated loan $ Allocation at 1.25% 10.5% $85,000,000 $100,000,000 $125,000,000 Smithfield $25,104,981 19.8% $16,853,618 $19,827,786 $24,784,732 Lake Park $5,536,866 4.4% $3,717,040 $4,372,989 $5,466,236 Georgetown $11,646,545 9.2% $7,818...

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  • Tenant Estoppel Contributor represents and warrants that it shall use reasonable good faith efforts to obtain and deliver to FWRLP within thirty (30) days after the Acceptance Date, a tenant estoppel letter in the form attached hereto as Exhibit F (or such other form as required by FWRLP's mortgage lender) from each of the tenants of the Property confirming the information set forth in Exhibit B attached hereto.

  • TENANT'S ESTOPPEL CERTIFICATE From time to time, upon written request of Landlord, Tenant shall execute, acknowledge and deliver to Landlord or its designee, a written certificate stating (a) the date this Lease was executed, the Commencement Date of the Term and the date the Term expires; (b) the date Tenant entered into occupancy of the Premises; (c) the amount of Rent and the date to which such Rent has been paid; (d) that this Lease is in full force and effect and has not been assigned, modified, supplemented or amended in any way (or, if assigned, modified, supplemented or amended, specifying the date and terms of any agreement so affecting this Lease); (e) that this Lease represents the entire agreement between the parties with respect to Tenant’s right to use and occupy the Premises (or specifying such other agreements, if any); (f) that all obligations under this Lease to be performed by Landlord as of the date of such certificate have been satisfied (or specifying those as to which Tenant claims that Landlord has yet to perform); (g) that all required contributions by Landlord to Tenant on account of Tenant’s improvements have been received (or stating exceptions thereto); (h) that on such date there exist no defenses or offsets that Tenant has against the enforcement of this Lease by Landlord (or stating exceptions thereto); (i) that no Rent or other sum payable by Tenant hereunder has been paid more than one (1) month in advance (or stating exceptions thereto); (j) that a currently valid Letter of Credit has been deposited with Landlord, stating the original amount thereof and any increases or decreases thereto; and (k) any other matters evidencing the status of this Lease that may be required either by a lender making a loan to Landlord to be secured by a deed of trust covering the Building or the Project or by a purchaser of the Building or the Project. Any such certificate delivered pursuant to this Paragraph 30 may be relied upon by a prospective purchaser of Landlord’s interest or a mortgagee of Landlord’s interest or assignee of any mortgage upon Landlord’s interest in the Premises. If Tenant shall fail to provide such certificate within ten (10) days of receipt by Tenant of a written request by Landlord as herein provided, such failure shall, at Landlord’s election, constitute a Default under this Lease, and Tenant shall be deemed to have given such certificate as above provided without modification and shall be deemed to have admitted the accuracy of any information supplied by Landlord to a prospective purchaser or mortgagee.

  • Tenant Estoppels (a) Each Seller shall prepare and deliver to each Tenant at such Seller’s Property an estoppel certificate in the form of Exhibit A attached hereto (the “Tenant Estoppel”) and request each such Tenant to execute and deliver the Tenant Estoppel to such Seller. Each Seller shall use commercially reasonable efforts to obtain the prompt return of the executed Tenant Estoppels in substantially the same form as Exhibit A attached hereto from each Tenant at such Seller’s Property prior to the Closing, without the obligation to make any payments or grant any concessions under the Leases. If a Tenant returns an executed Tenant Estoppel (or Lease Required Estoppel or Statement of Lease as defined below) to such Seller, such Seller shall promptly deliver to the Buyer, or make available on Seller’s transaction website, a copy of such executed Tenant Estoppel (or Lease Required Estoppel or Statement of Lease, if applicable) following such Seller’s receipt of such Tenant Estoppel (or Lease Required Estoppel or Statement of Lease, if applicable).

  • Tenant Estoppel Certificate Tenant shall at any time during the term of this Lease, within 10 business days of written notice from Landlord, execute and deliver to Landlord a statement in writing certifying that this Lease is unmodified and in full force and effect or, if modified, stating the nature of such modification. Tenant’s statement shall include other details requested by Landlord, such as the date to which Rent and other charges are paid, Tenant’s knowledge concerning any uncured defaults with respect to Landlord’s obligations under this Lease and the nature of such defaults if they are claimed, and such other matters as Landlord may reasonably request. Any such statement may be relied upon conclusively by any purchaser or lender having an interest in the Premises. Tenant’s failure to deliver such statements within such time shall be conclusive upon the Tenant that this Lease is in full force and effect, except as and to the extent any modification has been represented by Landlord, and that there are no uncured defaults in Landlord’s performance, and that not more than 1 month’s Rent has been paid in advance.

  • Tenant Estoppel Certificates Within ten (10) days after written request from Landlord, Tenant shall execute and deliver to Landlord or Landlord's designee, a written statement certifying (a) that this Lease is unmodified and in full force and effect, or is in full force and effect as modified and stating the modifications; (b) the amount of Base Rent and the date to which Base Rent and additional rent have been paid in advance; (c) the amount of any security deposited with Landlord; and (d) that Landlord is not in default hereunder or, if Landlord is claimed to be in default, stating the nature of any claimed default. Any such statement may be relied upon by a purchaser, assignee or lender. Tenant's failure to execute and deliver such statement within the time required shall at Landlord's election be a default under this Lease and shall also be conclusive upon Tenant that: (1) this Lease is in full force and effect and has not been modified except as represented by Landlord; (2) there are no uncured defaults in Landlord's performance and that Tenant has no right of offset, counter-claim or deduction against Rent; and (3) not more than one month's Rent has been paid in advance.

  • Landlord Consent Tenant may not assign or encumber this Lease or its interest in the Premises arising under this Lease, and may not sublet all or any part of the Premises without first obtaining the written consent of Landlord, which consent shall not be withheld unreasonably. Factors which Landlord may consider in deciding whether to consent to an assignment or sublease include (without limitation), (i) the creditworthiness of the assignee or sublessee, (ii) the proposed use of the Premises, (iii) whether there is other vacant space in the Building, (iv) whether the assignee or sublessee will vacate other space owned by Landlord, (v) whether Landlord is negotiating with the proposed sublessee or assignee for a lease of other space owned by Landlord, and (vi) any renovations to the Premises or special services required by the assignee or sublessee. Landlord will not consent to an assignment or sublease that might result in a use that conflicts with the rights of any existing tenant. One consent shall not be the basis for any further consent.

  • Landlord Repairs Except as otherwise provided in this Lease, Landlord agrees to make such repairs to the roof, floor slabs, exterior walls, Building systems (including all structural elements and systems, and electrical, mechanical, fire sprinkler, common area plumbing and HVAC), Building equipment servicing the Premises and the Building Common Areas, as may be necessary to keep them in working order, except that Landlord shall in no event be responsible to Tenant for the condition of exterior windows, interior light bulbs, interior lighted signage and interior glass in and about the Premises or for the doors leading to and inside the Premises, or for “balancing” the HVAC system within the Premises or for any condition in the Premises or the Building caused by any act or neglect of Tenant, its employees, invitees or contractors. Landlord shall further not be responsible for any repairs required due to the negligence or willful misconduct of Tenant or its employees, invitees or contractors. Without any limitation, Landlord shall not be responsible for making any improvements or repairs to the Building or the Premises other than expressly stated in this Section 5.1, unless expressly provided otherwise in this Lease. Initials: Landlord ; Initials Tenant:

  • Landlord’s Entry Landlord and its authorized representatives may at all reasonable times during Business Hours and upon reasonable notice to Tenant enter the Premises to: (a) inspect the Premises; (b) show the Premises to prospective purchasers, mortgagees and tenants; (c) post notices of non-responsibility or other protective notices available under the Laws; or (d) exercise and perform Landlord’s rights and obligations under this Lease, including the Landlord Services. Landlord may in the event of any emergency enter the Premises without notice to Tenant. Landlord’s entry into the Premises is not to be construed as a forcible or unlawful entry into, or detainer of, the Premises or as an eviction of Tenant from all or any part of the Premises. So long as Landlord does not unreasonably interfere with Tenant’s use, Tenant will also permit Landlord (or its designees) to enter the Premises to make any repairs and replacements to the Building and to erect, install, use, maintain, replace and repair pipes, cables, conduits, plumbing and vents, and telephone, electric and other wires or other items, in, to and through the Premises if Landlord determines that such activities are necessary or appropriate for properly operating and maintaining the Building.

  • Landlord Approval (Check one) ☐ Tenant requires Landlord’s written approval to sublet the Premises. In the event that the Original Lease requires the approval of Landlord prior to any subletting of the Premises by Tenant, then the validity of this Sublease is subject to securing the approval of Landlord. Tenant shall supply Subtenant a copy of Landlord’s written approval at least days prior to the start date of the Term. Should Tenant fail to secure approval of this Sublease by Landlord prior such date, this Sublease shall be null and void. Landlord may require information from Subtenant such as a bank statement or may seek to do a background and credit check on Subtenant and, in such case, Subtenant agrees to reasonably cooperate in all such matters. ☐ Tenant does NOT require Landlord’s written approval to sublet the Premises.

  • Landlord Agreements Each Credit Party shall use commercially reasonable efforts to obtain a landlord agreement or bailee or mortgagee waivers, as applicable, from the lessor of each leased property, bailee in possession of any Collateral or mortgagee of any owned property with respect to each location where any Collateral is stored or located, which agreement shall be reasonably satisfactory in form and substance to Agent.