An Assessor Sample Clauses

An Assessor. (a) will attend any training courses mandated and approved by AuctionsPlus;
An Assessor. This is an insurance official who inspects the damage or loss and recommends the amount of compensation to be paid How to make a claim

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  • Final Audit Report Contractor shall promptly submit to the State a copy of any final audit report of an audit performed on Contractor’s records that relates to or affects this Contract or the Work, whether the audit is conducted by Contractor or a third party.

  • Data Protection Impact Assessment If, pursuant to Data Protection Law, Customer (or its Controllers) are required to perform a data protection impact assessment or prior consultation with a regulator, at Customer’s request, SAP will provide such documents as are generally available for the Cloud Service (for example, this DPA, the Agreement, audit reports or certifications). Any additional assistance shall be mutually agreed between the Parties.

  • Preliminary Examination 2.22.1 The Procuring entity will examine the tenders to determine whether they are complete, whether any computational errors have been made, whether required sureties have been furnished, whether the documents have been properly signed, and whether the tenders are generally in order.

  • Franchise Tax Certification If PROVIDER is a taxable entity subject to the Texas Franchise Tax (Chapter 171, Texas Tax Code), then PROVIDER certifies that it is not currently delinquent in the payment of any franchise (margin) taxes or that PROVIDER is exempt from the payment of franchise (margin) taxes.

  • Annual Audit Report On or before July 31 of each year, beginning with July 31, 2002, Servicer shall, at its own expense, cause a firm of independent public accountants (who may also render other services to Servicer), which is a member of the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants, to furnish to the Seller and Master Servicer (i) year-end audited (if available) financial statements of the Servicer and (ii) a statement to the effect that such firm has examined certain documents and records for the preceding fiscal year (or during the period from the date of commencement of such Servicer's duties hereunder until the end of such preceding fiscal year in the case of the first such certificate) and that, on the basis of such examination conducted substantially in compliance with the Uniform Single Attestation Program for Mortgage Bankers, such firm is of the opinion that Servicer's overall servicing operations have been conducted in compliance with the Uniform Single Attestation Program for Mortgage Bankers except for such exceptions that, in the opinion of such firm, the Uniform Single Attestation Program for Mortgage Bankers requires it to report, in which case such exceptions shall be set forth in such statement.

  • Report on Assessment of Compliance and Attestation (a) On or before March 1 of each calendar year, commencing in 2007, the Servicer shall:

  • Joint Assessment If the Building is not separately assessed, Real Property Taxes allocated to the Building shall be an equitable proportion of the Real Property Taxes for all of the land and improvements included within the tax parcel assessed, such proportion to be determined by Lessor from the respective valuations assigned in the assessor's work sheets or such other information as may be reasonably available. Lessor's reasonable determination thereof, in good faith, shall be conclusive.

  • Financial Audit The School shall submit audited financial statements from an independent auditor to the Authorizer no later than November 1 of each year.

  • Recertification 23.1 The employer accepts responsibility for providing the necessary resources and costs to meet the competency requirements of the Health Practitioner Competency Assurance Act. Reimbursement of fees required to enrol in a recognised Continuing Professional Development (CPD) points programme will be provided to a maximum of $200 per annum per employee.

  • Performance Assessment 6.1 The Performance Plan (Annexure A) to this Agreement sets out key performance indicators and competencies that needs to be evaluated in terms of –