Amortization of Australian Term Tranche Loans Sample Clauses

Amortization of Australian Term Tranche Loans a) On each Amortization Date, the Australian Borrower shall repay Australian Term Tranche Borrowings in an aggregate principal amount equal to US$1,250,000. (b) To the extent not previously paid, all Australian Term Tranche Loans shall be due and payable on the Maturity Date. (c) Any prepayment of the Australian Term Tranche Borrowings shall be applied to reduce ratably the subsequent scheduled repayments of Australian Term Tranche Borrowings to be made pursuant to this Section. (d) Prior to any repayment of any Australian Term Tranche Borrowings hereunder, the Australian Borrower shall select the Borrowing or Borrowings to be repaid and shall notify the Australian Agent by telephone (confirmed by telecopy) of such selection not later than 11:00 a.m., Local Time, three Business Days before the scheduled date of such repayment. Repayments of Australian Term Tranche Borrowings shall be accompanied by accrued interest on the amount repaid. (e) All repayments pursuant to this Section shall be subject to Section 2.16, but otherwise without premium or penalty.
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