Amendments to Award Agreements Sample Clauses

Amendments to Award Agreements. The applicable provisions of the stock option award agreements for the Employee Stock Options are hereby amended to implement the vesting continuation and limited vesting acceleration set forth in clause (a) of this paragraph 1 and the tolling of the post-termination exercise periods set forth in clause (b) of this paragraph 1. Plan Name Grant Date Gxxxx Xxxxx Original Options Granted Options Vested as of Employment Termination Date Options Unvested as of Employment Termination Date Original Post- Termination of Employment Exercise Window Original Expiration Date 12/7/11 NQ $0.76 10IP 12/7/2011 $3.80 10,000 10,000 Covered under Rule 10b5-1 Plan 0 May exercise vested options for a period of 90 days 12/7/2018 04/26/2010 NQ $0.79 06IP 4/26/2010 $3.95 5,000 5,000 0 May exercise vested options for a period of 90 days 4/23/2020 1/10/12 NQ $0.78 10IP Performance 1/10/2012 $3.90 12,340 12,340 0 May exercise vested options for a period of 90 days 1/10/2019 1/24/13 NQ $4.00 10IP Performance 1/24/2013 $4.00 6,875 6,875 0 May exercise vested options for a period of 90 days 1/24/2020 3/17/14 NQ $14.32 10IP 3/17/2014 $14.32 7,400 7,400 0 May exercise vested options for a period of 90 days 3/17/2021 1/21/15 NQ $9.10 2014IP 1/21/2015 $9.10 20,000 20,000 0 May exercise vested options for a period of 90 days 1/21/2022 1/23/15 NQ $10.20 2014IP 1/23/2015 $10.20 15,000 15,000 0 May exercise vested options for a period of 90 days 1/23/2022 5/18/15 NQ $13.22 2014IP 5/18/2015 $13.22 6,000 5,668 332 May exercise vested options for a period of 90 days 5/18/2022 7/15/16 NQ $14.41 2014 AR IP 7/15/2016 $14.41 30,000 16,672 13,328 May exercise vested options for a period of 90 days 7/15/2023 01/26/17 NQ $13.81 2014 AR IP 1/26/2017 $13.81 20,000 7,790 12,210 May exercise vested options for a period of 90 days 1/26/2024
Amendments to Award Agreements. Concurrently with the execution and delivery of this Amendment, Employer and Employee will execute and deliver Amended and Restated Award Agreements in the forms of Exhibits "A" through "C" hereto. The Amended and Restated Award Agreements will provide that all Restricted and Deferred Shares will be issued to the Trustee for the benefit of Employee in accordance with the provisions of the Deferred Compensation Plan and Trust Agreement. The Award Agreements will also eliminate any references to the Incentive Equity Plan inasmuch as the Stock formerly subject to the Share Awards will not be issued under the Incentive Equity Plan.
Amendments to Award Agreements. The parties agree that as of March 31, 2010 (i) Xxxxxxxxx’x Award Agreement for Non-Qualified Stock Option dated October 10, 2008, is hereby amended to delete Section 2.1(b) and (ii) Xxxxxxxxx’x Award Agreement for Stock Appreciation Rights dated October 10, 2008, is hereby amended to delete Section 2.1(b). The parties acknowledge and agree that as a result of the amendments pursuant to this Section 8, the awards described in the preceding sentence will not terminate as a result of Xxxxxxxxx’x termination of employment with Corporation and such awards will continue to become exercisable or be exercised as otherwise provided for in the Award Agreements.
Amendments to Award Agreements. The Award Agreements are hereby amended to delete the provision requiring that all transferees of shares underlying the Award Agreements, or other interest therein, receive and hold such shares or interest subject to the provisions of the Award Agreements, the effect being that the transferees of any shares underlying the Award Agreements shall receive such shares free from restrictions thereunder. The 2014 Award Agreements and the 2015 Award Agreement are hereby further amended to provide that in the event Employee breaches any provisions of this Agreement or the Confidentiality Agreement (as defined in Section 12 below) during the two-year period commencing on the Effective Date, the Company would have the right to recover (or “clawback”) the Subject Shares (or the proceeds from the sale of any such Subject Shares), in each case without the payment of any consideration for such Subject Shares. The Company may not exercise its clawback rights without first providing to Employee a written notice setting forth the specific grounds upon which the claims are based and allowing Employee the right to respond. The Company’s and Employee’s agreement to amend the Award Agreements shall be effective on the day immediately following the Effective Date.

Related to Amendments to Award Agreements

  • Amendments to the Grant Agreement 18.1 This Grant Agreement and the Grant Letter set out the entire agreement between the parties. They replace all previous negotiations, agreements, understandings and representations between the parties, whether oral or in writing.

  • Supplementation of Compensation Award ‌ If an employee is prevented from performing the employee's regular work with the City on account of an occupational accident that is recognized by the Workers' Compensation Board as compensable within the meaning of the Workers' Compensation Act, the City will supplement the award made by the Workers' Compensation Board for loss of wages to the employee by such an amount that the award of the Workers' Compensation Board for loss of wages (excluding non- economic loss payment), together with the supplementation by the City, will equal 100% of the employee's regular net wage (gross pay less statutory deductions, union dues and required benefit plan contributions). The said supplementation shall not be payable to any employee entitled to compensation after pension age if such an employee is entitled to an unreduced pension as provided under the Local Authorities Pension Plan or after the full age of 65 years if such an employee is not entitled to a pension. Subject to the foregoing limitation, the procedure to be followed in operating this policy shall be as follows:

  • Amendments to Agreements The Company shall not amend, modify or otherwise change the Warrant Agreement, Trust Agreement, Registration Rights Agreement, Purchase Agreements, the Services Agreement, or any Insider Letter without the prior written consent of the Representative which will not be unreasonably withheld. Furthermore, the Trust Agreement shall provide that the trustee is required to obtain a joint written instruction signed by both the Company and the Representative with respect to the transfer of the funds held in the Trust Account from the Trust Account, prior to commencing any liquidation of the assets of the Trust Account in connection with the consummation of any Business Combination, and such provision of the Trust Agreement shall not be permitted to be amended without the prior written consent of the Representative.

  • Amendments to Agreement This Agreement, or any term thereof, may be changed or waived only by written amendment signed by the party against whom enforcement of such change or waiver is sought. For special cases, the parties hereto may amend such procedures set forth herein as may be appropriate or practical under the circumstances, and Ultimus may conclusively assume that any special procedure which has been approved by the Trust does not conflict with or violate any requirements of its Declaration of Trust or then current prospectuses, or any rule, regulation or requirement of any regulatory body.

  • Amendments to Purchase Agreement 11. The parties agree that the Purchase Agreement shall be amended, solely with respect to the Mortgage Loans, as follows:

  • Amendments to Employment Agreement The Employment Agreement is hereby amended as follows:

  • Amendments to Servicing Agreements, Modification of Standard Provisions (a) Subject to the prior written consent of the Trustee pursuant to Section 3.07(b), the Master Servicer from time to time may, to the extent permitted by the applicable Servicing Agreement, make such modifications and amendments to such Servicing Agreement as the Master Servicer deems necessary or appropriate to confirm or carry out more fully the intent and purpose of such Servicing Agreement and the duties, responsibilities and obligations to be performed by the Servicer thereunder. Such modifications may only be made if they are consistent with the REMIC Provisions, as evidenced by an Opinion of Counsel. Prior to the issuance of any modification or amendment, the Master Servicer shall deliver to the Trustee such Opinion of Counsel and an Officer's Certificate setting forth (i) the provision that is to be modified or amended, (ii) the modification or amendment that the Master Servicer desires to issue and (iii) the reason or reasons for such proposed amendment or modification.

  • Amendments to Plan of Arrangement (a) The Company and the Purchaser may amend, modify and/or supplement this Plan of Arrangement at any time and from time to time prior to the Effective Time, provided that each such amendment, modification and/or supplement must be (i) set out in writing, (ii) approved by the Purchaser and the Company (subject to the Arrangement Agreement), each acting reasonably, (iii) filed with the Court and, if made following the Company Meeting, approved by the Court, and (iv) communicated to or approved by the Company Shareholders if and as required by the Court.

  • Amendments to Documents The Trust shall furnish BISYS written copies of any amendments to, or changes in, any of the items referred to in Section 18 hereof forthwith upon such amendments or changes becoming effective. In addition, the Trust agrees that no amendments will be made to the Prospectuses or Statement of Additional Information of the Trust which might have the effect of changing the procedures employed by BISYS in providing the services agreed to hereunder or which amendment might affect the duties of BISYS hereunder unless the Trust first obtains BISYS' approval of such amendments or changes.

  • Amendments to Original Agreement The Original Agreement is hereby amended as follows: