Amendment to Section 3.5, “Customer Support Sample Clauses

Amendment to Section 3.5, “Customer Support. Section 3.5 of the Distribution Agreement is hereby amended in its entirety by replacing it with the language below:  3.5 Customer Support & Post-Market Surveillance Reporting Support. Distributor shall provide post-market support to its direct customers in accordance with Company’s instructions and as required by applicable law. Before November of each calendar year, on behalf of itself and its sub-distributors, Distributor shall provide information to Company for the Company’s post-market surveillance report, which information includes but is not limited to customer feedback and data regarding reported device performance, including reported non-conforming devices. The report will be in such a form, and may include other available information, as reasonably requested by Company. Distributor acknowledges that Company may add any such report to Company’s annual reports to the FDA. For the avoidance of doubt, Company is responsible for post-market surveillance reporting for the Product.