ALUMINUM SULFATE. 1.1 DESCRIPTION — AWWA Standard B403-88 Liquid Aluminum Sulfate is a clear, light green or amber liquid with a negligible degree of odor. This product is not intended for food or drug use, but for a settling aid at the Naples Wastewater Treatment Plant. 1.2 PHYSICAL PROPERTIES 1.2.1 Liquid Standard 8.3%1.2.2 Total A lumina (Al 2 0 3) 8.3 =1- 0.1% by weight1.2.3 Total Free A lumina (Al 203) 0.01 — 0.2% by weight1.2.4 Impurities Maximum by weight, as is:Element Expressed As Soluble Iron Fe2 0 30.30% 1.3 PACKAGING Liquefied Aluminum Sulfate shall be supplied up to 4500 gallons per truckload. The City of Naples Wastewater Treatment Plant has two 6000-gallon fiberglass tanks to store Alum. Unloading shall be provided through a two inch (2") reinforced hose with a female quick coupling fitting to adapt to the facility's tank male coupling. Two inch (2") and three inch (3") hoses shall be provided by the supplier as well as the pumping arrangements from the tanker to the users tanks. 1.4 DELIVERY LOCATION City of Naples Wastewater Treatment Plant 1400 3rd Avenue NorthNaples, Florida 34102 1.5 AMOUNT Estimated usage: 400 TONS (Annually) 1.6 DELIVERY TIME Shipments will only be received between the hours of 8:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m., Monday through Saturday, within five (5) days after verbal receipt of the order from the City of Naples. 1.7 EMERGENCY ASSISTANCE The successful bidder shall have a qualified representative available, within forty-eight(48) hours notice, in case of any emergency. 1.8 SAFETY The supplier's truck must be equipped to safely handle and unload aluminum sulfate.City of Naples Bid 14-027 16 EXCEPTIONS TO SPECIFICATIONS Any deviation(s) to the bid specifications shall be fully and clearly described below, and be accompanied with the bidder's submittal: