Alternative Way Sample Clauses

Alternative Way. If the Government has not approved the Assignments to the Farmee within three months from the date of this Agreement, or otherwise imposes conditions for approval of the Assignments in excess of those which are usually imposed in similar circumstances or which approval contains unusual and onerous conditions which either Party is not reasonably willing to accept, then the Parties commit to find and devise a legally permissible alternative way (whether by means of a trust, agency or corporate transaction i.e. where both Licenses are affected, the transfer to Farmee of 50% of the shares of AEI) to enable the Farmee to enjoy the same interest in the Licenses as would have been acquired by a direct assignment. However, in the event Farmee is not willing to accept any of the alternative ways referred to herein, Farmee shall then upon notice to Farmor given within thirty days from the aforesaid three month period, be entitled to withdraw from this Agreement. Upon such notice of withdrawal, Farmee shall forfeit any amounts previously advanced to Farmor whether by advance payments, work obligation payments, security deposit payments, loan arrangements or any other manner of payment. The Consideration paid by Farmee shall however be returned forthwith to Farmee. Notwithstanding the implementation of an alternative way to convey the interest contemplated herein to Farmee, the Parties upon mutual agreement shall continue to endeavor for a period of nine additional months from the date of implementation of the alternative way to obtain the Approval of the Government. If such Approval is obtained within this period, the Parties shall cancel whatever alternative way of transferring the economic interest to the Farmee had been implemented and shall thereupon immediately carry out the original assignments of interest contemplated by this Agreement.

Related to Alternative Way

  • Alternate Traffic Routing If CLEC has a LIS arrangement which provides two (2) paths to a Qwest End Office Switch (one (1) route via a Tandem Switch and one (1) direct route), CLEC may elect to utilize alternate traffic routing. CLEC traffic will be offered first to the direct trunk group (also referred to as the "primary high" route) and then overflow to the Tandem Switch group (also referred to as the "alternate final" route) for completion to Qwest End Office Switches.

  • Alternative Proposals (a) The Company agrees (x) that neither it nor any of its Subsidiaries shall, and the Company shall cause its officers, directors, employees, agents and representatives (including, without limitation, any investment banker, attorney or accountant retained by it or any of its Subsidiaries) not to, initiate, solicit or encourage, directly or indirectly, any inquiries or the making or implementation of any proposal or offer (including, without limitation, any proposal or offer to its stockholders) with respect to a merger, acquisition, consolidation, share exchange or similar transaction involving, or any purchase of all or any significant portion of the assets or any securities of, the Company or any of its Subsidiaries (any such proposal or offer being hereinafter referred to as an "Alternative Proposal") or engage in any negotiations concerning, or provide any confidential information or data to, or have any discussions with, any person relating to an Alternative Proposal, or otherwise facilitate (including by waiving the terms of any confidentiality or standstill agreement) any effort or attempt to make or implement an Alternative Proposal and (y) that it will immediately cease and cause to be terminated any existing activities, discussions or negotiations with any parties conducted heretofore with respect to any of the foregoing, and it will take the necessary steps to inform the individuals or entities referred to above of the obligations undertaken in this Section 7.1.

  • Alternative Process Nothing herein shall in any way be deemed to limit the ability of the Lenders to serve any such process or summonses in any other manner permitted by applicable law.

  • Alternative Work Schedules An alternative work schedule is defined as a work schedule that requires a change, modification or waiver of certain provisions of this Agreement. Alternative work schedules not specified in this Agreement or Addendums hereto may be established by the Employer with the consent of the Union. Where work schedules other than a five (5) eight (8) hour day schedule are utilized, the Employer shall have the right to revert back to the five (5) eight (8) hour day schedule or the work schedule which was in effect immediately prior to the alternative work schedule, after sixty (60) days’ advance notice to the employees. No employee shall be required to work a schedule that includes six (6) days in a normal workweek, unless the employee volunteers to do so. Prior to implementation of a change in work schedule involving a unit or facility, the Employer will meet with the Union to discuss the contemplated change of schedule.

  • Alternative Structure Notwithstanding anything to the contrary contained in this Agreement, prior to the Effective Time, Purchaser may specify that the structure of the transactions contemplated by this Agreement be revised and the parties shall enter into such alternative transactions as Purchaser may reasonably determine to effect the purposes of this Agreement; provided, however, that such revised structure shall not (i) alter or change the amount or kind of the Merger Consideration, (ii) materially impede or delay consummation of the transactions contemplated by this Agreement, or (iii) adversely limit or impact the qualification of the Merger as a reorganization under the provisions of Section 368(a) of the IRC. In the event that Purchaser elects to make such a revision, the parties agree to execute appropriate documents to reflect the revised structure.

  • Alternative Credit Support Election In the event that an Alternative Credit Support Election is made pursuant to the provisions of the Series Supplement, Greenwood on behalf of the Holder of the Seller Certificate may cause the Additional Credit Support Amount to be funded by Series Excess Servicing and other amounts paid to the Trustee as administrator of the Credit Enhancement to fund the Available Class B Credit Enhancement Amount, pursuant to Section 9 of the Series Supplement, or may request that the Credit Enhancement Provider make an additional loan in the amount of the Additional Credit Support Amount. If Greenwood on behalf of the Holder of the Seller Certificate makes such request, and if the Credit Enhancement Provider elects to make such loan, the amount of such loan shall be added to the unpaid principal amount of the Loan. In the event that the Alternative Credit Support Election does not become effective, the Additional Credit Support Amount (or, if the entire amount of the Additional Credit Support Amount is not then on deposit in the Credit Enhancement Account, the portion of the Additional Credit Support Amount that is then on deposit) shall be withdrawn from the Credit Enhancement Account and repaid to Greenwood on behalf of the Holder of the Seller Certificate (or, if such amount was loaned by the Credit Enhancement Provider, returned to the Credit Enhancement Provider).

  • Benchmark Replacement Setting Notwithstanding anything to the contrary herein or in any other Loan Document:

  • Alternative Index In the event that the Index for any Mortgage Loan, as specified in the related Mortgage Note, becomes unavailable for any reason, the Master Servicer shall select an alternative index, which in all cases shall be an index that constitutes a qualified rate on a regular interest under the REMIC Provisions, in accordance with the terms of such Mortgage Note or, if such Mortgage Note does not make provision for the selection of an alternative index in such event, the Master Servicer shall, subject to applicable law, select an alternative index based on information comparable to that used in connection with the original Index and, in either case, such alternative index shall thereafter be the Index for such Mortgage Loan.

  • Bona Fide Request/New Business Request Process for Further Unbundling 6.1 BellSouth shall, upon request of <<customer_name>>, provide to <<customer_name>> access to its network elements at any technically feasible point for the provision of <<customer_name>>'s telecommunications service where such access is necessary and failure to provide access would impair the ability of <<customer_name>> to provide services that it seeks to offer. Any request by <<customer_name>> for access to a network element, interconnection option, or for the provisioning of any service or product that is not already available shall be treated as a Bona Fide Request/New Business Request (BFR/NBR), and shall be submitted to BellSouth pursuant to the BFR/NBR process.

  • Agreement Exceptions/Deviations Explanation If the proposing Vendor desires to deviate form the Vendor Agreement language, all such deviations must be listed on this attribute, with complete and detailed conditions and information included. TIPS will consider any deviations in its proposal award decisions, and TIPS reserves the right to accept or reject any proposal based upon any deviations indicated below. In the absence of any deviation entry on this attribute, the proposer assures TIPS of their full compliance with the Vendor Agreement. No response