Alternate Worksite Sample Clauses

Alternate Worksite is a place where official duties are performed away from the traditional worksite. An alternate worksite can be a designated area in a home- based office or other approved location.
Alternate Worksite. If an employee does not accompany the consumers from his/her normal work site on such a trip and no consumer or alternate work remains at the worksite, the Employer shall attempt to provide an alternate work site while the consumers are gone.
Alternate Worksite. A location away from the regular worksite that has been approved for the performance of assigned official duties (for example, an employee’s home).
Alternate Worksite. Generally, the agency does not reimburse the employee for travel between the alternate worksite and the central worksite. Indicate type and address of alternate worksite: ☐ Home address: ☐ Satellite/Other address: Indicate alternate worksite telephone numbers: ☐ Home telephone number: ☐ Cell number: Assignments Supervisors set expectations for job assignments to be completed on teleworking day(s). Employees are held to the same job requirements and expectations in effect while in the central worksite.
Alternate Worksite. The department does not reimburse the telecommuter for travel between the alternate worksite and the official workstation. Home: (Specify address and location in home) Satellite/Other: (Specify Address) Alternate worksite phone: Home: Cell: Other:

Related to Alternate Worksite

  • Alternate Work Schedule By mutual agreement, the City and the Association may enter into cost equivalent alternate work schedules for some or all represented employees. Such alternate work schedules may include, but are not limited to, core hours flex-time; full-time work weeks of less than five (5) days; or a combination of features mutually agreeable to the parties. Such changes in the work schedule shall not alter the basis for, nor entitlement to, receiving the same rights and privileges as those provided to employees on five (5) day, forty (40) hour a week schedules.

  • Alternate Work Schedules Workweeks and work shifts of different numbers of hours may be established for overtime-eligible employees by the Employer in order to meet business and customer service needs, as long as the alternate work schedules meet federal and state law. When there is a holiday, employees may be required to switch from their alternate work schedules to regular work schedules.

  • Designated Configuration; Trained Personnel State Street and the Fund shall be responsible for supplying, installing and maintaining the Designated Configuration at the Designated Locations. State Street and the Fund agree that each will engage or retain the services of trained personnel to enable both parties to perform their respective obligations under this Addendum. State Street agrees to use commercially reasonable efforts to maintain the System so that it remains serviceable, provided, however, that State Street does not guarantee or assure uninterrupted remote access use of the System.

  • PREVAILING WAGE RATES - PUBLIC WORKS AND BUILDING SERVICES CONTRACTS If any portion of work being Bid is subject to the prevailing wage rate provisions of the Labor Law, the following shall apply:

  • Leave for Union Activities Upon request by the Union, leave without pay will be granted to any employee duly authorized to represent employees of this bargaining unit at:

  • Alternate Traffic Routing If CLEC has a LIS arrangement which provides two (2) paths to a Qwest End Office Switch (one (1) route via a Tandem Switch and one (1) direct route), CLEC may elect to utilize alternate traffic routing. CLEC traffic will be offered first to the direct trunk group (also referred to as the "primary high" route) and then overflow to the Tandem Switch group (also referred to as the "alternate final" route) for completion to Qwest End Office Switches.

  • Program Location A. Unless otherwise agreed upon in writing, the parties acknowledge and agree that the Work of this Agreement will be performed at the following Property address: Ktr Address1 Address2

  • Work Location Executive’s principal place of work shall be located in Scottsdale, Arizona, or such other location as the parties may agree upon from time to time.

  • Work The definition of work, for overtime purposes only, includes:

  • JOINT WORK PRODUCT This Agreement is the joint work product of H-GAC and the Contractor. This Agreement has been negotiated by H-GAC and the Contractor and their respective counsel and shall be fairly interpreted in accordance with its terms and, in the event of any ambiguities, no inferences shall be drawn against any party.