ALTERNATE PAYMENT DATE. Notwithstanding any other term of this note, if in any month there is no day on which a scheduled payment would otherwise be due (e.g. February 31), such payment shall be paid on the last banking day of that month.


  • Payment Date An amount calculated as being due in respect of any Early Termination Date under Section 6(e) will be payable on the day that notice of the amount payable is effective (in the case of an Early Termination Date which is designated or occurs as a result of an Event of Default) and on the day which is two Local Business Days after the day on which notice of the amount payable is effective (in the case of an Early Termination Date which is designated as a result of a Termination Event). Such amount will be paid together with (to the extent permitted under applicable law) interest thereon (before as well as after judgment) in the Termination Currency, from (and including) the relevant Early Termination Date to (but excluding) the date such amount is paid, at the Applicable Rate. Such interest will be calculated on the basis of daily compounding and the actual number of days elapsed.

  • Principal Payment Date The principal amount of the Notes outstanding (together with any accrued and unpaid interest) shall be payable in a single installment on September 30, 2010, which date shall be the Stated Maturity of the Notes Outstanding.

  • Principal Payment Dates Subject to the Subordination Provisions set forth below, payments of the principal amount of this Company Note shall be made as follows:

  • Final Repayment Date On the final Repayment Date, the Borrower shall additionally pay to the Agent for the account of the Creditor Parties all other sums then accrued or owing under any Finance Document.

  • Alternate Payment and Notice Provisions Notwithstanding any provision of this Indenture or any of the Notes to the contrary, the Issuer may enter into any agreement with any Holder of a Note providing for a method of payment, or notice by the Indenture Trustee or any Paying Agent to such Holder, that is different from the methods provided for in this Indenture for such payments or notices. The Issuer will furnish to the Indenture Trustee a copy of each such agreement and the Indenture Trustee will cause payments to be made and notices to be given in accordance with such agreements.

  • PRE-PAYMENT The Tenant shall: (check one) ☐ - Pre-Pay Rent in the amount of $ for the term starting on , 20 and ending on , 20 . The Pre-Payment of Rent shall be due upon the execution of this Agreement. ☐ - Not be required to Pre-Pay Rent.

  • Lump Sum Payment NewMil Bancorp shall make a lump sum payment to the Executive in an amount in cash equal to one times the Executive’s annual compensation. For purposes of this Agreement, annual compensation means (a) the Executive’s annual base salary on the date of the Change in Control or the Executive’s termination of employment, whichever amount is greater, plus (b) any bonuses or incentive compensation earned for the calendar year immediately before the year in which the Change in Control occurred or immediately before the year in which termination of employment occurred, whichever amount is greater, regardless of when the bonus or incentive compensation is or was paid. NewMil Bancorp recognizes that the bonus and incentive compensation earned by the Executive for a particular year’s service might be paid in the year after the calendar year in which the bonus or incentive compensation is earned. The amount payable to the Executive hereunder shall not be reduced to account for the time value of money or discounted to present value. The payment required under this Section 2(a)(1) is payable no later than 5 business days after the date the Executive’s employment terminates. If the Executive terminates employment for Good Reason, the date of termination shall be the date specified by the Executive in his notice of termination.

  • Public Benefit It is Yogi’s understanding that the commitments it has agreed to herein, and actions to be taken by Yogi under this Settlement Agreement, would confer a significant benefit to the general public, as set forth in Code of Civil Procedure § 1021.5 and Cal. Admin. Code tit. 11, § 3201. As such, it is the intent of Yogi that to the extent any other private party initiates an action alleging a violation of Proposition 65 with respect to Yogi failure to provide a warning concerning exposure to DEHP prior to use of the Products it has manufactured, distributed, sold, or offered for sale in California, or will manufacture, distribute, sell, or offer for sale in California, such private party action would not confer a significant benefit on the general public as to those Products addressed in this Settlement Agreement, provided that Yogi is in material compliance with this Settlement Agreement.

  • Payment Day If the date for payment of any amount in respect of any Note or Coupon is not a Payment Day, the holder thereof shall not be entitled to payment until the next following Payment Day in the relevant place and shall not be entitled to further interest or other payment in respect of such delay. For these purposes, Payment Day means any day which (subject to Condition 8) is:

  • Death During Distribution of a Benefit If the Executive dies after any benefit distributions have commenced under this Agreement but before receiving all such distributions, the Bank shall distribute to the Beneficiary the remaining benefits at the same time and in the same amounts they would have been distributed to the Executive had the Executive survived.