Alterations and works in the Project Sample Clauses

Alterations and works in the Project. 14.1. The Lessor shall be entitled, at any time, and without obtaining the approval of the Lessee, to perform any alteration or addition in the Project, at its sole discretion, both prior to the commencement of the Term of Lease and during and/or after expiration of the Term of Lease, including, but not limited to, the addition or reduction of areas, converting closed or open areas into areas under the exclusive use of different users, alterations in openings and passageways, entrances to the Project, access roads to the Project, performance of different construction additions and/or removal of construction and any other alteration in the building or in the Project plans, provided that the rights of the Lessee in accordance with this Agreement shall not be impaired thereby and provided that no additional obligations are imposed on the Lessee in connection therewith (hereinafter in this Section: "the Alterations").

Related to Alterations and works in the Project

  • ALTERATIONS AND IMPROVEMENTS Tenant shall make no alterations to the buildings or improvements on the Premises or construct any building or make any other improvements on the Premises without the prior written consent of Landlord. Any and all alterations, changes, and/or improvements built, constructed or placed on the Premises by Tenant shall, unless otherwise provided by written agreement between Landlord and Tenant, be and become the property of Landlord and remain on the Premises at the expiration or earlier termination of this Agreement.

  • ALTERATIONS & IMPROVEMENTS Tenant shall not make any alterations, additions or improvements or do any type of construction to the Property without first obtaining Landlord's written consent. Unless prior written agreement is reached between Tenant and Landlord, any such alterations, additions, improvements or construction shall become part of the Property and shall remain at the expiration of Tenant's Lease term. If Landlord approves of alterations, additions, improvements or construction in writing and Tenant intends to use contractors to undertake such work, the contractors must first be approved in writing by Landlord. Tenant must also place any funds to cover the amount of any alterations, additions, improvements or construction in an escrow account approved by Landlord before the commencement of the work. Landlord shall designate the times and manner of the work being done, exclusively.

  • Alterations, Additions and Improvements (a) Tenant shall not make any alterations, additions, or improvements to the Property without Landlord's prior written consent, except for non-structural alterations which do not exceed Ten Thousand Dollars ($10,000) in cost cumulatively over the Lease Term and which are not visible from the outside of any building of which the Property is part. Landlord may require Tenant to provide demolition and/or lien and completion bonds in form and amount satisfactory to Landlord. Tenant shall promptly remove any alterations, additions, or improvements constructed in violation of this Paragraph 6.05(a) upon Landlord's written request. All alterations, additions, and improvements shall be done in a good and workmanlike manner, in conformity with all applicable laws and regulations, and by a contractor approved by Landlord. Upon completion of any such work, Tenant shall provide Landlord with "as built" plans, copies of all construction contracts, and proof of payment for all labor and materials.

  • Alterations and Repairs Tenant shall not erect any drywall partitions, make any alterations in or additions or changes to the Premises without the Landlord’s prior written approval in each and every instance, which consent shall not be unreasonably withheld or delayed. Unless otherwise provided by written agreement, all Tenant’s Improvements upon the Premises and any replacements therefore, including, but not limited to all air-conditioning or heating systems, decorations, partitions, electrical systems affixed to the Premises, except furniture or movable trade fixtures installed at the expense of Tenant, shall become the property of the Landlord and shall remain upon, and be surrendered with, the Premises as a part thereof and at the termination of this Lease, without compensation to Tenant; unless, however, Landlord, by notice given the Tenant, shall elect to have Tenant remove any or all such Tenant Improvements. Thereupon Tenant shall accomplish such removal at its sole cost, repair any damage caused by such removal, and restore the Premises to their former condition. If Tenant does not remove said additions, decorations, fixtures, hardware, non-trade fixtures and improvements after request to do so by Landlord, Landlord may remove the same and Tenant shall pay the cost of such removal to the Landlord upon demand. Tenant hereby agrees to hold Landlord and Landlord’s beneficiaries, their agents and employees harmless from any and all liabilities of every kind and description which may arise out of or be connected in any way with said alterations or additions. Any mechanic’s lien filed against the Premises, or the Building or the Property, for work claimed to have been furnished to Tenant shall be discharged of record by Tenant within ten (10) days thereafter, at Tenant’s expense, provided however Tenant shall have the right to contest any such lien on the posting of reasonably sufficient security.

  • Additions and Alterations Tenant shall not, without the prior written consent not to be unreasonably withheld or delayed, of Landlord, make any alterations, improvements or additions to the Premises. Landlord's refusal to give said consent shall be conclusive. If Landlord consents to said alterations, improvements or additions, it may impose such conditions with respect thereto as Landlord deems appropriate, including, without limitation, requiring Tenant to furnish Landlord with security for the payment of all costs to be incurred in connection with such work, insurance against liabilities which may arise out of such work, and plans and specifications plus permits necessary for such work. The work necessary to make any alterations, improvements or additions to the Premises shall be done at Tenant's expense by employees of or contractors hired by Landlord except to the extent Landlord gives its prior written consent not to be unreasonably withheld or delayed, to Tenant's hiring contractors. Tenant shall promptly pay to Landlord or to Tenant's contractors, as the case may be, when due, the cost of all such work and of all decorating required by reason thereof. Tenant shall also pay to Landlord a percentage of the cost of such work (such percentage not to exceed 10%) sufficient to reimburse Landlord for all overhead, general conditions, fees and other costs and expenses arising from Landlord's involvement with such work. Upon completion of such work Tenant shall deliver to Landlord, if payment is made directly to contractors, evidence of payment, contractors' affidavits and full and final waivers of all liens for labor, services or materials. Tenant shall defend and hold Landlord and the Land and Building harmless from all costs, damages, liens (unless Landlord is acting as the general contractor) and expenses related to such work. All work done by Tenant or its contractors pursuant to Sections 8 or 9 shall be done in a first-class workmanlike manner using only good grades of materials and shall comply with all insurance requirements and all applicable laws and ordinances and rules and regulations of governmental departments or agencies. All alterations, improvements and additions to the Premises, whether temporary or permanent in character, made or paid for by Landlord or Tenant, shall without compensation to Tenant become Landlord's property at the termination of this Lease by lapse of time or otherwise and shall, be relinquished to Landlord in good condition, ordinary wear excepted. 10. COVENANT AGAINST LIENS. Tenant has no authority or power to cause or permit any lien or encumbrance of any kind whatsoever, whether created by act of Tenant, operation of law or otherwise, to attach to or be placed upon Landlord's title or interest in the Land, Building or Premises, and any and all liens and encumbrances created by Tenant shall attach to Tenant's interest only. Tenant covenants and agrees not to suffer or permit any lien of mechanics or materialmen or others to be placed against the Land, Building or the Premises with respect to work or services claimed to have been performed for or materials claimed to have been furnished to Tenant or the Premises, and, in case of any such lien attaching, Tenant covenants and agrees to cause it to be immediately released and removed of record. In the event that such lien is not immediately released and removed, Landlord, at its sole option, may take all action necessary to release and remove such lien (without any duty to investigate the validity thereof) and Tenant shall promptly upon notice reimburse Landlord for all sums, costs and expenses (including reasonable attorneys' fees) incurred by Landlord in connection with such lien. Notwithstanding the contents of the preceding paragraph, Landlord shall give Tenant notice of any such lien and Tenant shall have the right to bond over it in a reasonable period of time with a bond reasonably satisfactory to Landlord. 11.

  • Construction of the Improvements Borrower shall commence construction of the Improvements on or before the Construction Commencement Date, and shall prosecute the construction of the Improvements with diligence and continuity, in a good and workmanlike manner, and in accordance with sound building and engineering practices, all applicable Laws and governmental requirements, the Plans and the Loan Documents. Borrower shall not permit cessation of work for a period in excess of ten (10) consecutive days, except for Excusable Delays. Borrower shall complete construction of the Improvements free and clear of all liens (except liens created by the Loan Documents), and shall obtain a certificate of occupancy and all other permits, licenses and approvals from all applicable governmental authorities required for the occupancy, use and operation of the Improvements, in each case satisfactory to Administrative Agent, on or before the Completion Date. Borrower shall promptly after receiving knowledge of same, correct (a) any material defect in the Improvements, (b) any material departure from the Plans, Law or governmental requirements, or (c) any encroachment by any Improvements or structure on any building setback line, easement, property line or restricted area.

  • Ownership of Alterations and Improvements In all cases of alterations, improvements, changes, accessories and the like that cannot be removed from the Property without destroying or otherwise deteriorating the Property or any surface thereof shall, upon creation, become the Landlord’s property without need for any further transfer, delivery or assignment thereof.

  • IMPROVEMENTS AND ALTERATIONS Tenant shall not make any alterations, additions, or improvements in or to the Premises, nor install or attach fixtures in or to the Premises, without the prior written consent of Landlord, including Landlord’s written approval of Tenant’s contractor(s) and of the plans, working drawings and specifications relating thereto, including, without limitation, the structural, mechanical, electrical, and plumbing drawings or plans. All alterations, additions, or improvements made, installed in, or attached to the Premises by Tenant, upon the consent specified above, shall be made at Tenant’s expense at Tenant’s sole risk and in a good and workmanlike manner with labor and materials of such quality as Landlord may reasonably require, strictly in accordance with the plans and specifications approved by Landlord, all applicable codes, laws, ordinances, regulations, and other requirements of any appropriate governmental authority, and the Declaration or other covenants or restrictions, and prosecuted diligently and continuously to completion so as to minimize interference with the normal business operations of other tenants in the Building, the performance of Landlord’s obligations under this Lease or any mortgage or ground lease covering or affecting all or any part of the Building or the Land and any work being done by contractors engaged by Landlord with respect to or in connection with the Building. Tenant’s architect and engineers must be licensed in the State of Georgia and must be insured. Tenant shall have no (and hereby waives all) rights to payment or compensation for any such item. Prior to the commencement of any such work, Tenant shall deliver to Landlord certificates issued by insurance companies licensed and registered to operate in the State of Georgia evidencing that workers’ compensation insurance and commercial general liability insurance, all in amounts satisfactory to Landlord, are in force and effect and maintained by all contractors and subcontractors engaged by Tenant to perform the work. Approval by Landlord of any of Tenant’s drawings and plans and specifications prepared in connection with any alterations, improvements, modifications or additions to the Premises or the Property shall not constitute a representation or warranty of Landlord as to the adequacy or sufficiency of such drawings, plans and specifications, or alterations, improvements, modifications or additions to which they relate, for any use, purpose or conditions, but such approval shall merely be the consent of Landlord as required hereunder. Tenant shall deliver to Landlord a complete copy of the “as-built” or final plans and specifications for all alterations or physical additions so made in or to the Premises within thirty (30) days of completing the work. Tenant shall not place safes, vaults, filing cabinets or systems, libraries or other heavy furniture or equipment within the Premises without Landlord’s prior written consent.

  • Development of the Property Except as modified by this Agreement, the Development and the Property will be developed in accordance with all applicable local, state, and federal regulations, including but not limited to the City’s ordinances and the zoning regulations applicable to the Property, and such amendments to City ordinances and regulations that that may be applied to the Development and the Property under Chapter 245, Texas Local Government Code, and good engineering practices (the “Applicable Regulations”). If there is a conflict between the Applicable Regulations and the Development Standards, the Development Standards shall control.

  • Unauthorized Alterations or Improvements In the event that the Tenant shall undertake alterations or improvements relating to the Property in violation of this section the same shall be considered a material breach of this Lease putting the Tenant in default. The Landlord may, upon the Landlord’s discretion, require the Tenant to undo the alterations or improvements and restore the Property to the its condition prior to any unauthorized alteration or improvement at the sole expense of the Tenant.