Allocation of Funds Sample Clauses

Allocation of Funds. If at any time insufficient funds are received by or are available to the Administrative Agent to pay fully all amounts of principal, L/C Borrowings, interest and fees then due hereunder, such funds shall be applied (i) first, toward costs and expenses (including all reasonable fees, expenses and disbursements of any law firm or other counsel and amounts payable under Article III) incurred by the Administrative Agent and each Lender, (ii) second, toward repayment of interest and fees then due hereunder, ratably among the parties entitled thereto in accordance with the amounts of interest and fees then due to such parties, and (iii) third, toward repayment of principal and L/C Borrowings then due hereunder, ratably among the parties entitled thereto in accordance with the amounts of principal and L/C Borrowings then due to such parties.
Allocation of Funds. A. The Faculty Development Committee shall approve all applications for reassignment of duties that do not require additional funding and have been endorsed by the applicant’s Division.
Allocation of Funds. (a) The Council must procure that the Committee makes recommendations to the Council as to which of the Funding Applications the Committee recommends be funded from the Community Enhancement Fund.
Allocation of Funds. 3.5.1. All funds obtained by means of this Issue shall be exclusively applied to settlement of the indebtedness of the Issuer or of its controlled companies.
Allocation of Funds. AMO will allocate and transfer Funds that Canada may make available for Ontario Municipalities to Recipients on a per capita basis with allocations made on a 50:50 basis to upper-tier and lower-tier Municipalities, where they exist.
Allocation of Funds. The Board of Trustees of PETROFUND shall select from the nominated institutions the projects that show the most merit in terms of the general development in Namibia of natural science engineering and technology, on the one hand, and the oil and gas exploration and production industry, on the other hand. In the allocation of funds, the Board of Trustees of PETROFUND shall also keep in mind the longer term needs of the country beyond the sphere of petroleum, non-petroleum minerals and mining.
Allocation of Funds a. The distribution of the professional development fund shall be:
Allocation of Funds. Subject to the applicable Participant Borrowing Limitation described in Section 2.05, Participants making borrowings through the Money Pool (other than EOI, ESI and SFI) will be entitled to borrow, on any given day, an amount of the total funds then available for lending to the Participants determined on the basis of an equal allocation of such funds among all borrowing Participants, except that where such an allocation would provide one or more borrowing Participants with funds in excess of its or their borrowing requirements, such excess will then be available for Loans equally allocated among the remaining borrowing Participants. To the extent that EOI, ESI and SFI are permitted to effect borrowings through the Money Pool, the remaining funds then available for lending to EOI, ESI and SFI will be allocated among them in the same manner as the available funds are allocated among the other borrowing Participants. Each borrowing Participant will borrow pro rata from each lending Participant in the proportion which the total amount being loaned through the Money Pool by such lending Participant bears to the total amount then being loaned by all Participants through the Money Pool.