Allegations of Abuse Sample Clauses

Allegations of Abuse. Alleged abuses of official time will be brought by supervisors and management officials on a timely basis to the attention of an appropriate management official designated by the Agency. The designated management official will then discuss the matter with the President of the Union Local.
Allegations of Abuse. Alleged abuses of union time shall normally be brought to the attention of an appropriate union official on a timely basis by an appropriate management official. Management may also initiate appropriate action to address the issue. Repeated or serious abuse of union time may result in disciplinary action as well as suspending use of union time for the duration of this Agreement.
Allegations of Abuse. Each Union representative is responsible for utilizing official time only for authorized purposes, consistent with 5 U.S.C. 7131 and this Agreement. Alleged abuses of official time shall be brought on a timely basis to the attention of the Chief of LER or designee, who will then notify the Council President of the allegation.
Allegations of Abuse. Alleged abuses of official time shall be brought to the attention of an appropriate union official on a timely basis by an appropriate management official. The management official will discuss the matter with the local or council president as appropriate. If the matter cannot be resolved, appropriate action may be taken to resolve the dispute.
Allegations of Abuse. The parties agree that the abuse of residents will not be tolerated and that residents have a right to live in an environment that is free from abuse. For this reason, the parties agree to cooperate fully with one another in investigating any reported cases of abuse. Where an employee is required to leave the workplace while an investigation is carried out in response to a complaint of abuse, such time will be with pay for all scheduled hours lost as a result of the absence. The Employer agrees that when an employee is sent home with pay pending investigation, and a Union Steward is on site, the Union Steward will be present at the time the employee is sent home. If a Union Steward is not present, the Union Steward will be advised no later than the next business day. All investigations will be completed as quickly as possible. Furthermore, the parties understand that all employees are obligated and responsible to report abuse of a resident. LETTER OF UNDERSTANDING #5 Between REVERA LONG TERM CARE INC. operating as Brierwood Gardens and Riverbend Place and Summit Place and Telfer Place and CLAC COVERAGE FOR VACATION AND LIEU DAYS IN ENVIRONMENTAL SERVICES Vacation time coverage will be offered first, based on seniority, to employees within the same sub-department. If no one from the sub- department is available, it will then be offered to part-time and casual employees, based on seniority (department wide) provided they are qualified to work in that sub-department. Lieu day coverage will also be granted and handed out in the same manner as the vacation time outlines above. All shift exchanges will be granted for employees within the department, as long as the receiving employee is also qualified in the respective sub-department. Note: Employees within the same sub-department will be offered the opportunity to fill vacation coverage first LETTER OF UNDERSTANDING #6 Between REVERA LONG TERM CARE INC. operating as TRILLIUM COURT and CLAC SHADOW SYSTEM It is recognized by both parties that Trillium Court operates its master schedule under a “shadow system”. Each full-time employee is shadowed by a part-time employee. Part-time shadows have the first opportunity of vacation replacement, and lieu day replacement for their full-time partner’s schedule. When a full-time employee drops shifts according to Article 11.04b., the part-time shadow has the first opportunity to post into these shifts. It is understood that if the shadow employee chooses not to accept the a...

Related to Allegations of Abuse

  • General Allegations Ferreiro alleges that Sondra Roberts has exposed individuals to the chemical di(2-ethylhexyl) phthalate (DEHP) from its sales of Sondra Roberts Squared totes/bags without first providing users and consumers of the product with a clear and reasonable health hazard exposure warning as required pursuant to Proposition 65. DEHP is listed pursuant to Proposition 65 as a chemical known to the State of California to cause cancer and reproductive toxicity.

  • Obligations of and Services to be Provided by the Sub-Advisor The Sub-Advisor will:

  • Allegations This Settlement Agreement settles Notice of Violation (NOV) CP21- 09-02, which was issued on October 25, 2021. CARB alleged PBB violated the Consumer Products Regulation by selling, supplying, offering for sale, or manufacturing for use in California, Green Gobbler 30% Vinegar Home & Garden, that is subject to and exceeded a VOC limit of 0.5 percent by weight for the General Purpose Cleaner (nonaerosol) category and for failing to display the date of manufacture as outlined in NOV CP21-09-02. CARB alleges that if the allegations described in Paragraph 6 were proven, civil penalties could be imposed against PBB for each and every day the noncompliant product was sold, supplied, offered for sale or manufactured for use in California.

  • Obligations of Licensee 2.1 Licensee is responsible for the quality and safety of its products.

  • Obligations of the Customer 3.1 The Customer agrees to:

  • Obligations of the Client 4.1 The Client shall ensure itself is the proper party to enter into contract with SPROs for the Ships pursuant to Article 18 of the Detailed Rules of Maritime Safety Administration of the PRC on the Implementation of the Administration Regime of Agreement for Ship Pollution Response.

  • Discrimination and Harassment No discrimination, interference, restrictions or coercion shall be exercised or practised by the University or the Union with respect to any staff member in regard to any matter to do with terms and conditions of employment by reason of race, creed, colour, sex, marital status, nationality, ancestry, place of origin, political or religious affiliations, sexual orientation, citizenship, age, record of offences, family status, handicap, language (unless a bona fide occupational requirement of a position), nor by reason of membership or non-membership or activity or lack of activity in the Union. The above terms are as defined in the Ontario Human Rights Code, where so specified. Every staff member has a right to freedom from harassment in the workplace by the employer or agent of the employer or by another employee due to the prohibited grounds as stated in the Code. Harassment means engaging in a course of vexatious comment or conduct that is known, or ought reasonably to be known, as unwelcome. A staff member is not required to perform any duties of a personal nature not connected with the approved operations of the University. If an employee has filed a grievance under Article 5.1 and wishes to exercise rights under the university’s Human Rights Policy, the grievor shall file a formal request to hold the grievance in abeyance under Article 20.6 (j).

  • Investigation of Accidents The Occupational Health and Safety Committees, as provided in Clause 22.2, shall be notified of each accident or injury and shall investigate and report to the Union and Employer on the nature and cause of the accident or injury. In the event of a fatality the Employer shall immediately notify the President of the nature and circumstances of the accident.

  • Obligations of Client Section 6.1 Client agrees to comply with all reasonable requests of Contractor necessary to the performance of Contractor’s duties under this Agreement. Client also agrees to provide access to all pertinent information and documentation necessary to the performance of Contractor’s services.

  • Obligations of Adviser The Adviser agrees to provide or complete, as the case may be, the following prior to the commencement of the Sub-Adviser’s investment advisory services as specified under this Agreement: