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all Aircraft Documents. TO HAVE AND TO HOLD all and singular the aforesaid property unto the Mortgagee, its successors and assigns, in trust for the equal and proportionate benefit and security of the Note Holders and the Indenture Indemnitees, except as provided in Section 2.13 and Article III of the Trust Indenture without any preference, distinction or priority of any one Equipment Note over any other by reason of priority of time of issue, sale, negotiation, date of maturity thereof or otherwise for any reason whatsoever, and for the uses and purposes and subject to the terms and provisions set forth in the Trust Indenture. This Trust Indenture Supplement shall be construed as supplemental to the Trust Indenture and shall form a part thereof. The Trust Indenture is each hereby incorporated by reference herein and is hereby ratified, approved and confirmed. AND, FURTHER, the Owner hereby acknowledges that the Aircraft referred to in this Trust Indenture Supplement has been delivered to the Owner and is included in the property of the Owner subject to the pledge and mortgage thereof under the Trust Indenture. * * *

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  • Aircraft Documents The following documentation and information is part of the Aircraft, and is the property of the Lessor. The documentation shall be in English, complete, current, accurate and include the latest revisions, in good condition, readable and capable of being reproduced using standard reproduction processes. All documentation shall have the necessary stamps, endorsements, certifications and signatures where appropriate. Bulk storage media (microfilm, CD, DVD) shall be in an industry standard format, requiring no proprietary or “fee added” software to access. One set of any such bulk storage media or one set of paper documentation shall be provided. All records listed in this Exhibit B shall be provided notwithstanding any policies of the Aviation Authority or the Reference Regulatory Agency that may allow the disposal of such records.

  • Aircraft This peril includes self-propelled missiles and spacecraft.

  • Lease Documents All leases, lease addendum, lease amendments, subleases, commencement verification letters, and any other letter agreements related thereto.

  • AIRCRAFT CONFIGURATION 5.1 The guarantees contained in this Attachment are based on the Aircraft configuration as defined in the original release of Detail Specification TBD (hereinafter referred to as the Detail Specification). Appropriate adjustment shall be made for changes in such Detail Specification approved by the Customer and Boeing or otherwise allowed by the Purchase Agreement which cause changes to the flight performance, sound levels, and/or weight and balance of the Aircraft. Such adjustment shall be accounted for by Boeing in its evidence of compliance with the guarantees.

  • Lease of Aircraft Lessor agrees to lease the Aircraft to Lessee pursuant to the provisions of FAR Section 91.501(b)(6) and Section 91.501(c)(1) and this Agreement, and to provide a fully-qualified and credentialed flight crew for all flights to be conducted hereunder during the Term (as defined in Section 13) hereof. The parties acknowledge and agree that this Agreement did not result in any way from any direct or indirect advertising, holding out or soliciting on the part of Lessor or any person purportedly acting on behalf of Lessor. Lessor and Lessee intend that the lease of the Aircraft effected by this Agreement shall be treated as a “wet lease” pursuant to which Lessor provides transportation services to Lessee in accordance with FAR Section 91.501(b)(6) and Section 91.501(c)(1).

  • Construction Documents Phase Bidding or Negotiation Phase: Construction Administration Phase

  • Construction Document Phase 1.4.1 Based on the approved Design Development Documents, Guaranteed Maximum Price, coordinated models and any further adjustments in the scope or quality of the Project or in the Amount Available for the Construction Contract authorized by the Owner, the Architect/Engineer shall prepare, for approval by the Owner and review by the Construction Manager, Construction Documents consisting of Drawings, Schedules and Specifications derived from the model(s) in accordance with Owner’s written requirements setting forth in detail the requirements for construction of the Project, including, without limitation, the BIM Execution Plan and “Facility Design Guidelines”. The Plans, Drawings and Specifications for the entire Project shall be so prepared that same will call for the construction of the building and related facilities, together with its built-in permanent fixtures and equipment which will cost not more than the Guaranteed Maximum Price accepted by Owner, or the Amount Available for the Construction Contract established by Owner if no Guaranteed Maximum Price proposal has been accepted by Owner. The Architect/Engineer will be responsible for managing the design to stay within such Guaranteed Maximum Price proposal or Amount Available for the Construction Contract. The Architect/Engineer shall review the Construction Documents as they are being prepared at intervals appropriate to the progress of the Project with the Owner and Construction Manager at the Project site or other location specified by Owner in the State of Texas. The Architect/Engineer shall utilize the model(s) to support the review process during Construction Documents. The Architect/Engineer shall provide the Construction Manager with a compact disc containing documents and data files derived from the model to assist the Construction Manager in fulfilling its responsibilities to the Owner.

  • OGS Contract Documents This Centralized Contract is composed of the following documents:  The Contract (that portion preceding the signatures)  Appendix A - Standard Clauses for New York State Contracts (January 2014)  Appendix B - General Specifications January 2015 22772 Project Based Information Technology Consulting (Statewide)  Appendix C - Contract Modification Procedure  Appendix D – Pricing Schedule  Appendix E – Report of Contract Purchases  Appendix F – Project Based Information Technology Consulting Services Processes and Forms o Attachment 1- Mini-Bid Template o Attachment 2- How to Use This Contract o Attachment 3- Enhancement Request Template o Attachment 4- No Cost Change Request Template o Attachment 5- Mini-Bid Participation Interest Template  Appendix G – Contractor and OGS Information

  • Equipment Leases Landlord shall enter into such leases of equipment and personal property as Tenant, or Operator at the direction of Tenant, may reasonably request from time to time, provided that the form and substance thereof shall be reasonably satisfactory to Landlord. Tenant, or Operator at the direction of Tenant, shall prepare and deliver to Landlord all such lease documents for which Landlord's execution is necessary and Landlord shall promptly, upon approval thereof, execute and deliver such documents to Tenant. Tenant, or Operator at the direction of Tenant shall, throughout the Term, be responsible for performing all of Landlord's obligations under all such documents and agreements, including without limitation, all Contracts, as defined in the Purchase Agreement.