Airport Market Analysis Sample Clauses

Airport Market Analysis. An airport market analysis will be performed for Redlands Municipal Airport including: a comparison of factors affecting the market service area airports such as facilities, services, aircraft, and operations; and rates and charges for aircraft storage, fuel, and other pertinent factors. The goal of this analysis is to accurately assess the Airport's competitive market position, relative to other airports in its service area. At a minimum, airport market information will be gathered from San Bernardino International Airport, Riverside, Flabob Airport, Banning, March Air Reserve Base, and other airports in the region, as appropriate. This section will feed the discussion of Airport branding by helping define the existing market niche for Redlands Municipal. The market analysis will include a forecast of potential aircraft fleet mix in the Redlands Municipal Airport service area. This data will help to establish the potential reach of a branding/marketing program designed to increase Redlands Municipal Airport's activity for targeted aircraft types. Redlands Municipal Airport has a runway length of 4,504 feet. Even with this relatively short runway, there are two jets listed as based aircraft on the Airport’s 5010 Master Record. SBD has only 17 based aircraft, but four of them are jets. Thus, demand forecasts will be combined with possible marketing and other infrastructure development to develop a reasonable projection of facility needs at the Airport. The resulting forecasts can be used to determine potential growth and whether the lack of 5,000 feet of runway length constrains demand. Prior to developing recommendations, meetings will be held with the Sponsors and/or stakeholders to discuss the reasonability of the forecasts.

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